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    1. Same chassis, different engine and transmission. Escalade is a 6.2 and AWD, Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon are 5.3 and 2wd/4wd

    2. they’re basically the same but escalades have some more visual goodies

  1. Caitlyn Jenner killed a woman in Cadillac (or was it a Hummer?) before she became a woman.

    1. karl exactly I’m all for her transitioning, but she should not go unpunished

    2. Benjamin Burkhardt Jenner was born a female. But became a male. Now, she’s back as her Original gender.

    3. karl Yes This! I don’t care if Caitlin Jenner decides to be female, Black, white, purple or orange like Trump. If she or he commited murder, then they should pay for it.

  2. the Cadillac escalade, 1 of the biggest wastes of money anybody can own

    1. FaZe berry
      An unjustified comment from someone who has never owned a Chev or a Cadillac.
      If you had you would know the difference.

    2. The Cadillac Escalade is for those who like premium (It’s like a premium Chevy) If you don’t like it sure hate on it for no reason , but hey I personally like it because those sexy taillights. Where I live I see a lot of Escaldes old and new.

    3. I agree. I felt buying my Silverado was a better value than the Cadillac ESV or EXT …. I am not going to pay $80,000 for a damn Cadillac that is built on the same damn frame as a Yukon or my truck, and the only difference is maybe about $12,000 worth of styling to make it look like a Cadillac. After a few years, they literally just flake and fall apart. They are worthless. They lose about $4,000 of their value every year they are on the road and starting losing even more than that after 5 years. It’s not worth it unless you have money to burn. I don’t. I would rather put that money into other things like my house and nice vacation get-a-ways. I have a 1987 Cadillac Brougham and my next Cadillac will probably be a ’66 DeVille. I am not sure that I will ever buy a new Cadillac again. We’ll see. The price is just ridiculous. 🙂

    4. I’d rather have a Yukon Denali. Same feature load, different badge, lower price tag. Above all though I’d prefer a Navigator as far as luxury 7 passenger SUV’s go. Escalade is just a name.

  3. Wow, it looks like that back fender/bumper has just been repaired at 2:45 Well, time to fix it again! :p

  4. 1:06 WTF were you thinking!?!?! 1:20 That didn’t look like the cadillac’s fault, the guy made a left turn in front of him. 2:50 Judging by the damage, looks like he’s done this before…

    1. Grendelsbain incorrect. Notice that 1) Others are turning left on that light and 2) The no left turn sign is for between certain times of the day.

    2. Brian, others are turned left on that light because its a yield to turn left, you can turn left as long as it’s safe. It was not safe and the car turning left did not yield left properly like the cars before him.

    3. She was thinking suicide!! I remember that one on the news.

    1. Exactly. I prefer Cadillac, but I don’t drive in a discourteous manner. It’s evident that the „Tony Soprano“ character had no qualms about physically assaulting a woman. I doubt I’m that type. There is certainly no dearth of jerks out on America’s roads and they certainly aren’t relegated to any particular brand. Reckless creeps make their way into every vehicle.

    2. Some of them are just as broke as the beggar sleeping on a corner!

    3. Beats being poor and stupid complaining about people aren’t like them.

    4. Cadillacs aren’t even that expensive. You can get one that’s 2 years old for like half the sticker price because they depreciate at lightning speed. The only people who buy Cadillacs new are either stupid or have way too much disposable income and don’t care about wasting it.

    1. OgGarcioVega
      And some weren’t even Caddy’s at all…

  5. I don’t dislike Caddy owners, my wife doesn’t dislike Caddy owners, my two sons and daughter don’t dislike Caddy owners so I’m curious…did you take a poll to get this information or could it just be an almost clever way to get people to watch your stupid videos?

    1. Eric Cartman maybe if u get a real job u can afford a Caddy also..jus saying!

  6. Funny. I had some dude fly up on me in the fast lane today in an Escalade. I was doing about 10 miles over. I moved left and let him by. Mile later a trooper jumped behind him and lit him up.

    1. Caddy was in the wrong, but it’s not the fast lane, it’s the overtaking lane. Don’t use it for cruising.

    2. Bob, there is no fast lane? What are you talking about a fast lane?

    3. +Hefty, how can you be a smartass whenever „lit up“ is just slang for shoot and not the actual definition? Lit is the past tense of light, light him up. Light makes things visible, he illuminated him with whatever lights are present on the officers vehicle. This could mean headlights, spotlights, or more commonly used when being „lit up“ are emergency lights. I prefer to use common sense to determine the emergency lights were used.

  7. 7:06 – At least that Cadillac driver stopped someone from trying to ride the shoulder to cut through traffic.

    1. Not sure how that is worth road raging on the road, swerving everywhere, and generally turning a pointless move into a dangerous event for everyone around. People do that all the time here. Definitely not worth playing games on the road for.

    2. That was in houston tx next to david taylor cadillac wouldnt be surprised if they worked there

    1. james gregory and suburban and Escalade have the same amount of letters so… what’s your point

    2. Sorry I’m kinda blind and don’t have glasses rn so I cant see the logo

    3. KDcars also in 9:32 that’s a 2015 suburban not a escalade

  8. 1:29 and 2:21. How was that the cadilacs fault. HE HAD RIGHT OF WAY and 7:18 the Cadillac was stopping the Mazda from queue cutting. STOP TRYING TO GIVE PEOPLE A BAD REPUTATION, ESPECIALLY IF IT WASN’T THEIR FAULT.

    1. 1:29 looks like the caddy wasn’t supposed to go as there was other people turning left as well. 2:21 caddy had red light and guy turning left had a green left arrow (completely caddy’s fault). 7:18 shouldn’t be in the video because anyone cutting queue should be stopped.

    2. Are you dumb? The driver at 2:21 had a green left arrow. He/she had the right of way. Think before commenting.

    3. Caddy driver isn’t supposed to stop Mazda from queue cutting; that is why there are cops Caddy would get a ticket for wreckless driving.

    4. Joshua Booth 2:21 um the Cadillacs light was red as it turned green for the cammer the Cadillac driver must’ve hit the drive pedal so it wa ships fault

  9. 50 percent of the time that caddilac had the right away cause

  10. This video should be titled „why escalade drivers are disliked“

  11. Well that SUV that hit the big rig almost head-on was actually a suicide attempt

  12. 6:23 Escalade on Escalade on MAYBACH accident?! Thats a pricey accident right there lol.

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