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  1. 5:33 is why a lot of people hate environmentalist liberals. They only care about the environment, pets, and being right…to hell with other humans.

    1. She’s an overweight ‚environmentalist‘ and how can you care about the environment while consuming more than a healthy person’s share of environmental resources like food? Hmmm?

    2. They’re just mentally unstable people (aka liberals) looking for a reason to have a cause, because they have no job or hope in  general.

  2. Great compilation of Phoenix and Tucson Prius owners.

    Any chance for a FIAT compilation soon?

    1. Fiat in the U.S.? I live outside and since 2010 we have those… and yeah their drivers think they are Maranello’s finest, thus they make stupid things.

    2. rezboy90 fiat’s are actually kind sexy to me to be honest but I don’t own one I modified one in a video games and honestly to me it’s looks pretty good. Hey that’s just my opinion!

  3. A lot of prius drivers in my area like to think theyre in a sports car and love to cut ahead of people who are lined up for a turn.

    Some of the biggest douches around, like calm down. Your car goes from 0 to 60 in like 11 seconds. Youre nowhere near as fast as you think you are.

    1. DarthHeretic 0-60 in 11 light seconds?(distance light travels in a second so just in case you dont get it)

    1. A toyota previa. A wretched breadbox of a minivan they made for a couple of years.

    1. I don’t drive a prius…it is my personal opinion that priuses shouldn’t be considered wierd

    2. Christina Andwena You should look into how their batteries are produced and the pollution they cause, then you might think they’re not only weird but just plain ignorant.

    1. Never mind the strip mine that mined the rare earth elements for that super expensive battery and caused far more pollution to give you the illusion of that earth friendly car ;>) I’ll stick to the internal combustion engines that are getting more and more economical and eco-friendly.

    2. Afterburner you complain about a fictional battery that does environmental damage while you’re all good with a coal rolling pickup truck that releases more smoke than a power plant?

    3. Can’t argue with a know-it-all – You obviously have an answer, even fictional ones, for every argument that doesn’t fit your life model ;>) Good day.

    4. Afterburner I wish I knew everything but some things are meant to be uncertain. And I’m fine with that.

    1. I do want a Prius but I would not drive like these idiots are.

    1. 70 Plymouth Hemi Cuda nah, all I’m saying is that a Prius is not my type of car…

    2. David Graham wat if you found one that has a 1JZ motor in the back

    3. David Graham wat if you found one that has a 1JZ motor in the back

    4. 70 Plymouth Hemi Cuda It depends. I just don’t like the look of the Prius. I think it looks kinda ugly… But everyone is entitled to their opinion

    1. Sadly those „liberals“ don’t even know what a true Liberal is… they are Marxist which is contrary to a liberal ideology, now pushed into Classical Liberalism (near libertarian). This needs to stop, but it won’t. Good luck!

    2. I saw a liberal driving a Silverado once in downtown Chicago.

  4. Complaining that someone has their engine running in the car park, yet clearly eats enough for 5 people. Not so concerned about the environment there are you chubby.

  5. This has been long overdue. Prius drivers have this mentality that the rules don’t apply to them. Hopefully, there’s a part 2.

  6. reasons to hate prius and their drivers. the car is fucking awful for the environment to build, so its not saving the world if you drive it. reasons to hate their drivers, you have a choice of some awesome cars that are better in every conceivable way, yet you chose a prius

    1. Only an idiot would try to draw a parallel between the two.

    2. Prius have an „IC“ engine moron. They are a hybrid, they have both.

    3. If Plymouth was that good they would still be in business instead of bought by a German automaker. Wake up man, they were junk.

    4. Nobo I drive a Prius and I would never drive like these guys on the video. I would rather get eaten by a shark than drive any gas guzzling rust bucket poop car that has like less than 10 mpg. The Prius is the holy grail of performance and reliability. A Prius is a car where you put the mental in environmental. Go green!!!!

  7. Much like that blob of a woman berating the SUV owners unjustly, most prius owners think they are doing the environment a service by buying a hybrid. This is a common misconception, a hybrid electric or electric car is an environmental disaster on 4 continents before it ever reaches market. It is more of a disaster because of the strip mining (like in canada) too get the materials to build the batteries, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and such other materials. The processing of these materials is largely unregulated in the countries that process and refine these materials. The chemical waste for these battery arrays is dumped in lakes and rivers and open land. So lets think about this, what happens when we need to dispose of these batteries every 3 to 5 years due to replacements being necessary? Can we recycle? or will they end up in a landfill poisoning the planet for centuries to come? And if you ever crash one you need a hazmat team to clear the road, and if it ever catches fire? the toxins released in burning batteries can kill at a distance. Please keep your SMUG environmental vegan vegetarian commentary to yourself. HYBRIDS ARE A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM!! They are not a part of the solution. also a prius has the same maintenance, oil changes, brakes, fluids, so you arent helping. I guess as long as we dont ask how the hot dogs are made we never know its lips and assholes.

    1. Well, Puris certainly are not made in the US, so why would they care…

    2. You babble way to much for an idiot. Mining is done for every kind of metal that goes into the modern production vehicle. You lame argument is ignorant on so many levels.

  8. 7:47
    „…even taking on high risk cases that others TURN AWAY…“


  9. I remember this one time I was I going to a friends house to pick something up. So while on the highway I see this lady with her black prius cutting other ppl of and flipping them off for driving „slow“ even though they were driving the speed limit. So being the nice guy I am I acelarated till my car was at 130 km/h then cut her of. She got pretty pissed cause she started honking like crazy. She was then trying to merge to the right but the infiniti she cut of sped up and was beside her now blocking the right. Behind us was a guy with a XC90 who caught on to what we were doing and blocked her from the back. So for around 35 Minutes straight we blocked this lady while she honked and flipped us off until she found a opening and took the exit. Probably one of my most heroic moves ever

    1. ραяαѕутє 😀 mann, you deserve a promotion at your job. Hands down the best story ever.

  10. Change „prius drivers“ to „female drivers“ and you have the same video.

    1. Changing the title doesn’t change the content. The drivers will still suck and that one Russian guy would still say oiii blyat cyka even if the tital was “female drivers”

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