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Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs


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  1. Some choice clips in there! Unreal bad drivers – even when sober.

  2. 0:45 – when you’ve watched too many James Bond movies.

  3. 2:20. A very usefull dashcam. If you don’t want to see anything on tape, that is…

    1. but there is also no video on 42 EXAMPLES OF WHY GUN SHOOTERS ARE DISLIKED

    2. Or in my case, blame the ignorant, worthless, drunk teenager who killed my wife and unborn child and then got off without any punishment aside from 50 hours of community service and a 6 month suspension of his license, despite facing, among other things. two charges of vehicular homicide…

  4. Some of the dash cam drivers must be blind! a few of the just keep on going when they should hit the brakes!!

    1. They say: I cant see no brake, I only have gas panel in my car.

    1. Dan Sullivan I think the problem was speeding. Those pull behinds are usually rated to like 55 mph. I’ve seen those things moving around at 65

  5. I’m a car guy. The problem I have w/ people who drive SUV’s & pickups is that they think they’re driving sports cars. Also, they like to park in the smallest spaces & ding cars. A lot of people cannot drive SUV’s.

    1. The Eric good comment. I am a SUV driver, and I drive tractor trailer. Our vehicle is a Mazda tribute which is my wife’s creampuff. But when we park we always park way far away from other cars so it doesn’t get dinged. Funny thing is, no matter where we park, whenever we come out of a store there is always someone right next to us though there are a 1000 spaces available.

    2. The exact same thing happens to me all the time when I park my car far away, but I give you props for trying though.

    3. yea its like the farther you park away, your vehicle becomes more magnetic and attracts other vehicles to it lol. Btw, I subbed to you because I see you like Mary UW also, 😀

  6. These are justs tupid drives not necessarily suv drivers tard.

  7. A simple title like „Careless SUV drivers“ is probably more appropriate… ALL careless and stupid drivers who caused accidents are disliked, nothing to do with being a SUV driver.

  8. 4:24 Just get out and spray CS right in the face of this dickead.

  9. 4.08 when you see a situation developing why doesn’t the camera car brake?

    1. Jez Stokes because you are recognising a situation and this sometimes needs time before you take action. If somebody is hit by a car you don’t directly run to the accident but stand on the spot to comprehend the situation and then take action

  10. Love to see a compilation of why people dislike camper/RV drivers

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