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  1. TRAVELING ON THE WRONG SIDE IS THE PROBLEM?? hahahahahahaha. From England.

    1. Товарищ Александр sagt:

      So what? Maybe the fact that he is using the same content. Would it be an issue if he just uploaded the same exact video every day?

  2. 4:50 O.M.G. if the other one wouldn’t have arived she still would doing circles 😀

    1. Nirmal Lakhara Most likely middle-aged or over-the-retirement-age examiners who got a tad excited when he saw them in mini-skirts or shorts.

  3. „Oh jeez I just watched a collision!“. Probably the whitest thing you can say.

    1. Too much foolish profanity in this world you want more?
      No so in Heaven; plenty in Hell.

  4. The woman at the gas pumps at 4:50 oh, oh my freaking Lord. Is that really possible?

    1. Zachary Dalton LMFAO you would be that idiot in the video

    2. Zachary Dalton
      „It’s called „the video being sped up“ LEARN THINGS“

      No, it’s called „Zachary Dalton is just as brain dead as the woman in the video“.

  5. 4:50…..does she think the gas cap will magically move to the other side of the car….lmfao

    1. that one was just so amazingly funny i had to crop that out for my phone to show all my freinds how dumb some female drivers are…

    2. The answer is in your question. Hint: It’s in the word „she“.

  6. Women are at the wheel of a car a laugh number for themselves. One should forbid women to move a car, they can not drive. And in the case of accidents, the others are always to blame. Women can not even admit their own mistakes !!!

    1. Decades of studies and statistics in multiple countries show that women are safer drivers than men. Do an online search for gender differences in traffic accidents, read the reports and see for yourself. Of course the women in THIS video are ridiculous! Cheers 🙂

    2. Do u know how many times men have hit me vs women? It’s like 5:1

  7. Both women and men make idiotic mistakes when driving. However, with that being said, the mistakes are a bit different. Men drive like a bat from hell to prove how masculine they are…women do their makeup in the car while driving… Men are usually more aggressive which causes accidents, women nowadays are very fond of checking Facebook while driving… So, in this case we are equal I guess. But bear in mind that most of the videos seem to come from Russia, everybody has a dash cam there, and I know for a fact that it´s not that hard to buy Your license there. Seems like the local driving schools are permitted to give out licenses, and frankly, that´s idiotic because people are easily corrupted and especially when being poor. So if You can´t get a license because You are a crappy driver, just buy one…. I do find the women more fun though…sry… I just saw the guy cuff his girlfriend…NOT OK! I say kick the a-hole in the nuts…

    1. Christina Carlsson. Look, the Drivers License doesn’t teach you to drive, is your practice every day, but we know that some Women never learn, despite years of practising.

  8. The Russian men sound so resigned, almost as if disappointed.

  9. Why is it right after the crash that the camera car is always speaking Russian?

  10. 10:16 Jesus Christ woman its a small hatch back not a limo! just park the f’n thing already!

  11. How did 1:49 happen? I don’t get how that’s even possible, if not intentional? What was she thinking?

  12. 5:50 Drives with the pump in the car, then locks herself out. And yet, she still won’t put the fucking phone down.

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