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  1. In the past, you felt well cared for behind a truck, today it is life-threatening !!

  2. Love how most of these are Russian Truck’s Granted that Idiot at 7:20 more then likely could have went on down and found a better place to turn around in… watching this making my head hurt from all the simple mistake’s that are being made

    1. The la of probability: Russia could be the country with more dash cams installed… that results in the misconception you just made. America, by the numbers, should have 89X more bad drivers than Russia, yet you don’t get to see them. Do you understand what I am saying?

    2. Ruben Campbell I get that there are more – cams but you are wrong about the Numbers Russian drivers are way more accident prone per capita than Americans just look it up

    3. Kenny never mind that idiot a truck driver he is not a moron he is.
      just an idiot with a hard-on for truck drivers

  3. Smart move with the title. Now people can’t complain about generalisation.

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  4. they are not truck drivers they are just steering wheel holders . They give us professional drivers a bad rap

    1. David Lenzi yes, I see your point. You must be SO much more intelligent. That’s why all the trucking jobs are going to immigrants with an IQ of about 6. Prove your stats there genius. ..quote me some sources as all I see on the roads all week are morons trying to pass a vehicle doing 95 klicks in a 90 zone, on a double yellow, on a blind bend, going uphill, with all the passing power of a tree…and you guys are the professionals? HAHA! Don’t make me laugh. We also, as previously stated, are NOT required to make allowances for your lack of skill and judgement as a „professional driver“. You ARE required, however, to have better driving skills.

    2. David Lenzi ..and I’m willing to get that most people who died hitting a truck died because the doughnut muncher pulled out into traffic.

  5. Pretty clear at 01:59 the trucker was indicating left, yet cammer still went up the inside. Fool

    1. The dashcam car would be at fault here (australia) too. we have „do not overtake turning vehicle“ signs on our trucks but people still do it lol.

    2. Trucker was making a left turn out of a straight lane, he has zero control of turning lane, it’s his fault.

    3. The turn was tight for the truck if turning from turn lane He should have occupied both lanes to make sure no pesky cars entered the left lane.

    4. Doesnt matter if he tryed to occupy both lanes, if the dumbass 4wheeler is in a hurry when they get the chance they will go.

    5. The inside lane would be the turn lane that the cammer was in.
      The truck was in the outside through lane. The truck driver failed to drive the inside lane, or straddle both before making the turn. Looking at the street the truck driver was turning onto was a single lane and far to narrow to begin with and even straddling both lanes would mean he would not make it considering his trailer length.
      Making a turn on this street with that truck is not an option.
      The truck driver is completely responsible as this was an avoidable.

  6. That is why i still keep saying all trucks and trailers in the right hand lane and 55mph….

    1. Cars cause far more crashes. I have almost been hit by other trucks a few times but countless times by cars. That would not work anyways
      1) Hazards where a lane change is needed to avoid
      2) Some ramps are on the left or to continue on the same freeway it is necessary to be on the left. On city streets and highways you may have to turn left ahead
      3) Move over laws
      4) Lane is closing ahead
      5) Idiots like you unable to accelerate to match my speed before moving into the lane. Moving over is not always possible and it is not my fault if some moron cannot accelerate more or less to match speed and merge into a gap already there.
      6) Sometimes there is so much truck traffic that it would be harder to enter or exit a freeway with all of the truck traffic in the right lane
      Although 90 is the most fuel effect speed for commercial vehicles (I have been told) and by being slower the brakes do not work as hard which saves wear and prevents overheating. So I can agree with that but no because
      1) Long haul drivers are paid by distance and need to go faster to cover more distance to make their money to feed their family and pay bills.
      2) If we go slower it will take longer before your local stores have more stock so you would have to wait longer to buy things.
      3) In my experience things work much better if traffic is staggered and at the same speed. Therefore no brakes are needed by going the same speed and if an emergency lane change is necessary it is possible as there is a gap both sides for every vehicle. So if we did 90 cars need to do 90 too.

  7. Can’t blame the truck at 2:00. He was making a left turn and everyone SHOULD know when a truck makes a hard turn they have to go wide in order to make it. The person in the car tried to undermine the truck and cut them off. They are the one to blame and shouldn’t have a license for not having common sense on the road.

    1. I always take up both lanes in these types of situations. You can’t trust a car driver to have any common sense around trucks.

    2. The inside lane would be the turn lane that the cammer was in.
      The truck was in the outside through lane. The truck driver failed to drive the inside lane, or straddle both before making the turn. Looking at the street the truck driver was turning onto was a single lane and far to narrow to begin with and even straddling both lanes would mean he would not make it considering his trailer length.
      Making a turn on this street with that truck is not an option.
      The truck driver is completely responsible as this was an avoidable.

    3. you must stay within your own lane at all times
      no exceptions for large trucks

    4. Hindu Goat

      In regards to U.S. DOT laws you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
      I honestly can’t speak about other countries.
      For instance:
      Parked cars on the right curb making the truck have to use part of the other lane is legal with common sense considering other vehicles in the flow of traffic.
      Having to use a wide arch when any sharp cornering is concerned.
      You are thinking in terms of black and white with that statement.

    5. Hindu Goat

      If the truck did stay in its lane, the trailer would have hit that red van that was in the left interesecting lane.

  8. More than half are intoxicated, the others who can’t tell they used all their brake pads before are lousy drivers: just for being ignorant. They are all pathetic worthless POS who kill thousands every year.
    The greatest big rig drivers out there are the ones being angry at them for making them look bad, and these are more

  9. 6:00 How is that the trucks fault? Semi trucks need two lanes to turn, and that dumbass car driver just ran straight into him.

    1. The car was in blind spot.. the trucker did not notice him and wanted to shorten his way, the trucker has not made a mistake..

    2. Not the trucker’s fault, but both drivers could learn to brake a little better when they approach a roundabout side by side with another vehicle. Car is at fault, but I sympathize with neither.

    3. Thr trucker could have approached the roundabout taking both lanes so that there couldn’t be another vehicle alongside it.

      But that doesn’t stop idiots – especially idiot truckers who moan at and try to force other large vehicle drivers who have taken two lanes to be able to take a corner to move over a lane so they can’t take the corner and be a total prat when they don’t move over (as I observed this last week in Lomdon) – as the driver of a large vehicle they ought to know the space a large vehicle needs to turn.

    4. Because the trucker went into the wrong lane, he should have stayed in his lane, there was plenty of room to do so.

    5. Philip DeFuckass, HaMiE, Kaitlyn A,
      You’re all wrong.
      When a truck is making a right turn he is trained(hopefully) to turn into the right lane and in this case there appeared to be two lanes going into that traffic circle anyway. If there are two right hand turn lanes then the truck driver should be using the outside lane, just like a left hand turn, outside lane.
      As far as DOT in the U.S. is concerned, this was the truck drivers fault and completely preventable.
      Also, the truck should not have been moving that fast into the turn anyway, which is probably why he had to use all that space.

  10. People driving rented straight trucks are not truck drivers let you know.

    1. Chris13FPV
      A 36ft vehicle and 70+ft vehicle are to completely different things.

      The term „trucker“, is almost always reserved for combination vehicles. Not straight trucks.

    2. Chris13FPV Rental moving vans are driveable with a car licence and have hydraulic brakes not air brakes. So those vans are not trucks.

    3. I thought that for years, but I was surprised to learn that air brakes have nothing to do with it. It’s all about GVWR. Less than 26001 GVWR, even with air brakes, you still don’t need a CDL. Which makes you wonder why you have a written air brake test to get a CDL. Makes no sense. But that’s government for you. I drive a semi for a trailer repair shop. We also work on straight truck bodies. I’ve driven for 22 years, but only recently read the letter from the DOT that came with my fuel sticker that explained it all.

    4. Different places have different classifications and rules for driving. Where I live there is no such thing as a CDL license. I, however held an AZ license. which allowed me to drive the largest transports. I was able to drive anything except emergency vehicles, that is an F class.

  11. 2:00 that wasn’t even the truckers fault, if you ever read the rules before getting a license trucks use up a lot of space to turn, the truck had the turning signal, the driver got in the way of the truck turning. Only some people will understand this (experienced drivers only maybe)

    1. „…..but they need the space, they’re expecting drivers to be smart about it“

      I honestly don’t know where you heard that line or if it’s something you made up but it’s the exact opposite of what I was told and follow.
      You honestly expect other drivers to be smart about it?
      That will not serve you very well.

    2. Guess I can’t help you then, since you don’t even know, or have been with someone who knows how to drive a semi. You need to use all of the road to move you and your trailer around a corner, if you look at the trailer, it fits perfectly when he turns, if he was in the left lane, it would have been worse, that road was clearly not thought out, as that road should be turn able from the left lane for a Semi.

    3. Striker.
      Your assumption is incorrect. Been driving for more than 17 years.
      No points.
      Again, I wouldn’t have even attempted that turn there.
      You and Executive Order can speculate and assume all you like.
      That was an avoidable.

    4. Thinking about it, I haven’t been on American roads, so all of this is new to me.
      Your right, this ain’t Australian roads where a truck can always turn with ease.

    5. Striker
      There in lies the issue. I’m speaking as a driver from the U.S.
      Laws and regulations I can only assume a quite different around the world. What is considered an avoidable here is almost every situation. Is it right, hell no but it is what it is.
      There are some stupid drivers here and it’s basically our job to be aware of this fact.

    1. eastender74 Conclusion. There are way more Dashcams so more Accidents are caught on camera in Russia. But still, I think they aren’t as good in driving as other countries.

    2. If you drive in russia you essentially need a dashcam, they have a much worse road system the (for example) the uk, or usa.

    3. The same crashes happen hourly across Canada and the United States, however less likely to be recorded on dashcam for some reason. A federal law must be passed required all street legal vehicles to have one camera on while in any gear and when riding a bike a helmet cam needs to be recording when on a public road or trail.

    4. Theodor Bruckner Actually there are so many wrecks in Russia its required to have a dash cam for insurance purposes there, Russia truly is one of the worst places to drive. They don’t have the requirements for learning to drive that most developed countries do so there are a high number of wrecks.

  12. At 6:07 – In a double round-about the inside vehicle needs to give way to a truck on the outside. It comes down to a longer turning radius on a truck.

    1. No it’s not, trucker had plenty of room to stay in his lane, he made an illegal maneuver, all blame is on the truck driver.

  13. You should change the title of this video to 36 reasons why I should change the title of this video…..

  14. these people are no type of drivers they should only be driving toy cars & trucks

  15. Too bad the truck drivers are still getting paid by the mile , and it’s going to get worse. Long haul truck drivers are now required to use an electronic log book. No more loose leaf paper logbooks. That means the truck driver cannot lie on his logbook anymore. So he will be making less money. And there will be more trucks on the road. More danger. It sucks I’ve had my share of it. It takes at least 2 years just to get used to it. Then you just want to find that good local truck driving job and climb out of the damn thing at the end of the day. Then it’s not too bad

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