How to make Water Underfloor Heating for Homes You MUST See

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Water underfloor heating installation for homes You must see

Gutjahr Systemtechnik – www.gutjahr.com/innenbereich/fussbodenheizung/indortecr-therm.html?partner=indortecthersysteml

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  1. Can you tell me anything about the cost of thi project to install it?

    1. Take the amount of people in the house and multiply that by how much you’d pay for heated socks.

    2. cheap. how can you put a price on comfort? actually not likely more than $200 per square foot, just guessing.

    3. maybe it is cheap in UK, US….but in Europe – Romania, 200$ is 800 / square ….in our currency….too much. Personally I like the project.

  2. Can you tell me what market products you’ve used for this? Specifications and adherence to standards etc Thanks

  3. That’s very common and very cheap in South Korea. Every house has it and any local retailer provides the service nd the process is much simpler with less equipment and probably cheaper but still very effective. Some people instaĺl it themselves.

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