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How to splitboard w/ Xavier de le Rue

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    1. Hi Finlacus 1 – it might be my English/French! My suggestion is do NOT wear your goggles when touring/splitboarding as they get fogged up as you sweat on the way up (even when you think it is cold) and then riding down it sucks not to see well – having worked for your turns. Hope that helps. Xavier

  1. Dose someone know where they have filmed the last shoots? Would be glad, if someone can held me out.

    1. Probably somewhere near Chamonix, or at least around Mont Blanc

    2. Hi Carlos Rein, this episode was filmed in Verbier, Switzerland, with some archive shots at the beginning from Svalbard in Norway and Alaska.

    3. HOW TO XV Thanks you guys for responding.. You have my subscription 😉

  2. Awesome video and well production ……………. Red Bull

  3. One day ima try snowboarding and skiing. I’m excited already lol

  4. wow 10/10 to the people who made this video. this is my 1st video ever on split boards and the information given here and the demonstration was superb. i would give you a true professional rating. nice touch covering what NOT to do… thank you

  5. Awesome video; this will help me a lot. I just got an arbor abacus splitboard with voile bindings and g3 alpinist skins. I’m stoked to get out there and earn some turns!

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