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How to straight line /w Xavier de le Rue

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  1. Had to give this a thumbs up! Love a straight line through a steep Shute!!

  2. Awesome video, very cool coverage of the snowboarders. :)) thumbs up!

  3. For me „How to straight line“ eventually turns into „How to tomahawk super hard“

  4. don’t forget to buckle your waiststrap on an abs-backback! (don’t get used to having it wrong, if you ever need it you shouldn’t be out of luck)

  5. At 2:20 it states that you should have your weight on your front foot. That is completely wrong, you should have your weight centered with preparation to weight the tail over uneven terrain. Just gave a recipe to tomahawk going really fast

    1. Cool if that works for you.  For me the fact of going on your front foot will fight the tendency that we have to get dragged into the back seat and that being on the front foot you will be a solid block and centred to let your legs move underneath you. Xavier

  6. Things to do:
    Lean against the air… check.
    Don’t hesitate… check.
    Don’t speed check… check. OOPS!

    *crash and burn*

  7. been doing this all season. didnt know it was called straight lining tho. 🙂

  8. step 1.) climb mountain
    step 2.) eat an eagle egg
    step 3.) obtain eagle powers

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