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    1. Crashed Car Channel you are one of the rare youtuber Who answer to his suscribers 🙂

    2. I find it normal. I mean, without people relations this would be just a „online movie website“. Thank you for always commenting. It makes the hours spent editing worth!

    3. Crashed Car Channel your welcome man you deserve it ! You do a great job

  1. Not to criticize the entire country population as a whole but do all Russian drivers love to speed and have ball tires during the harsh winters?

    1. I was thinking that for a country with a lot of snow, they sure don’t know how to drive in it.

    2. art penna I always thought all Russians knew how to drive in the worst winter conditions than Americans. Especially controlling their vehicles with ball tires.

    3. art penna I always thought all Russians knew how to drive in the worst winter conditions than Americans. Especially controlling their vehicles with ball tires.

    4. Only the ones who end up featured in dash cam videos! (Nobody posts the millions of man-hours of uneventful snow driving in Russia, for liability reasons: they don’t want to risk anyone dying of boredom.)

  2. how fast do people drive in Russia? and where is abs or traction control

    1. Other Me in russia abs and tcs control you lol

  3. why do these Russians and foreign ppl drive so fast in the snow

    1. Greatest King Cause their blind and don’t know how fast they go

    2. citizen23606 sure show us how many cars u had in he lifetime and driving experience

    3. That is a puzzler.  I guess life there is so depressing they all have a death wish.  You can drink yourself to death too but it takes longer.  Or else they are just dumb take your pick.

  4. The timing to issue „end screens“ is early and the movie is hidden. Please do something.

  5. 0:20 damn look at that ditch!

    wait… is it on the *bridge* or somewhere below it?

  6. Just like in America: People with four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles think they can do 90 mph on black ice.  They can — but not for very long . . .

  7. 4:27 9:30
    5:32 8:46
    Reruns from other videos are unavoidable. Reruns within the same video, not so much.

  8. Does anyone know the name of that russsian singer on the radio at 2:10

  9. Notice if you watch the break lights, they don’t pump the brakes, they step on them and then slide, pumping does not always work, but better then stepping full force on breaks.

    1. exactly, people would rather hold breaks going down a hill then put it in 1st or 2nd and coast down. 99% of the people i tail going down hills in even the summer hold the breaks.. people just dont know how to drive.

  10. Am I the only one who clicked on this because of the thumbnail?  LOL

    1. Doesn’t matter what tires you use on snow above 40 mph. You may as well be using bald racing slicks.

  11. 8:50 is used THREE MORE TIMES in this one compilation.

  12. In Russia there are not many road rules. In general, drive FAST and always pass other cars for extra points. If raining, drive FASTER! And if it has been snowing and there is much ice, DRIVE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!!!
    Also, if walking and crossing the road then look down and run across the street into traffic.

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