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  1. Wrong title. It should be called: Idiotic Russian drivers in good German cars

    1. It’s funny. In Germany we say the same about the BMW and Mercedes drivers.

      Only arrogant, ruthless idiots, who believe always to have right and priority.

    2. Oberstimmer I’m a German car driver and I’m not an idiot… all the time.

  2. Imagine contraption on front of a car that would grab, munch and tear any car whose driver decides to breaktest you.

  3. im back to watch your good video (im rly sorry for my english )

  4. best one is at around 4mins where family rushing to pull two small kids out of the car, and the large group of people just stand watching. Shame on them.

    1. If the group weren’t to sit in the intersection the outcome would’ve been different most likely

    2. Drive Safe The road seemed to be a highway. Or at least a no residential road. So why would the driver stop. There wasn’t a cross walk.

    3. Wasn’t just the kids they were rushing to get out. They were still rushing to empty the trunk even after the kids were already out.

  5. Hah! Love how the dash cam driver at 5:11 Forced the idiot to reverse all the way back.

    1. I’ve seen many of those, must be a common occurrence in that country for that behaviour.

  6. Why do the Ruskies drive so fast on ice and snow, and why do they like to turn left from the far right hand lane?

  7. I like these vids. I’m learning some choice Russian words.

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