Crashed Car Channel

IDIOT Drivers, Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails, Extreme Driving Fails

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    1. +hitman dejesus
      What’s a wigaf? one of those fancy new slang terms or are you choking on a ham sandwich and need help? if so nod twice  and we will call an ambulance.

  1. We just removed the nagging wife from the passenger seat and replaced her with explosives. let’s see what happens.

  2. this is one way to learn the Russian language and i learned a few new words today

    1. That’s not Russian, That’s a leisurely drive through Pittsburgh PA on a warm summer day. I heard a Yinz in there.

  3. In Russia Crashed Car Channel would be called….. A regular day in Russia

  4. i assume in Russia the closest thing to a driving test is getting in and out of a vehicle

  5. Those Russian crosswalks are so poorly marked and always appear to pop up out of nowhere. Add typical Russian driving ’skill‘ and people must get killed all the time.

    1. crosswalks are marked pretty good in Russia 🙂

  6. they all seem to drive as if there is no such thing as insurance….or laws…

  7. ….and why is it that when….Russian drivers see a catastrophic accident starting to develop ahead of them….they keep travelling towards it at high speed ?

    1. Cuz they’re stupid and think they’re invincible. That’s why we’re fucked if we go to war with Russia ever

  8. I thought that steering wheels and brakes were standard equipment on cars nowadays. Clearly, as evidenced by this video, that is not always so.

  9. I see Russians need more driving lessons not to be mean

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