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  1. RE: 1:08, any update? Did she get caught and charged for her reckless actions?

    1. Just wanted to cue people on what it is. Nothing more. I hate fakers on Youtube.

    2. I just can’t believe people are arguing about some fake videos, not doing the effort to know if it was real or not. That should be their first concern, isn’t it?

    3. obviously they haven’t been in road rage or seen road rage so they will think it is fake

    4. DaKoTA KiD 104 it was on a prank video a while ago. It is fake and was proven so.

    1. +ShadowWolf Debit. I also have my airmiles card. May I use that as well?

  2. One day I might watch a video that actually contains footage of the thumbnail!

    1. +Carl Paquin I’m a class five vegan i don’t eat anything that casts a shadow .

  3. 4:35 I can watch that clip over and over. Sooo satisfying.

    1. I always cheer for them to do the ol‘ backwards door trick when someone cuts the cammer off and abandons their vehicle to rage. In case people don’t know, the car in front would need to pay for repairs of his door and the cammer car damages (at least in North America).
      However… I think the gun issue is a bit tricky as the cammer does strike the driver on the leg first. To me, this would mean that the cammer used a weapon (car) before the driver brought out his weapon (gun).
      What I wonder is why the cammer didn’t accelerate earlier… I don’t know what would possibly stop me from punching the gas if someone pulled a gun in traffic.

  4. Random guy: „Look at that Lamboooo“ Me: Look at that reeetard thinking its a lambo, since when did Mclaren become Italian? Just because it is a supercar its not a Lamborghini. SO tired of that

    1. Worrying about chickenshit in a YouTube video? No wonder you’re tired.

  5. I was hoping the girl on the hood was gonna get run over once the song dropped.

  6. As soon as he got the gun  they should have hit him and tell the cops you feared for their lives.

  7. If anyone came at me with a bat or gun I would squash him between my car and his saying I feared for my life. Then I would say my car stalled and would not start and wait for a tow truck.

    1. Several quotes from different sources.

      „Any force used against an intruder must usually be proportionate to harm that is reasonably perceived. For example, if a burglar were to enter your bedroom with a yellow banana as a weapon, you would not be justified in shooting them with a 20 gauge shotgun. However, if they were carrying a fake pistol, and you reasonably believed it to be real, you would likely be justified in shooting that intruder.“

      „The law governing self defense does not excuse any violent act just because another person struck the first blow or made a violent threat. Traditional self defense laws require a person who is being attacked or threatened with imminent attack to act reasonably and

      –retreat if possible without taking any physical action, and
      –use only the amount of force reasonably necessary to fend off the attacker.“ –

    2. However, many states also have the castle doctrine, which allows one to shoot an invader without actually knowing if they intend harm to persons or possessions.

    3. +RSBuddie Britain is a fag country, don’t ever use them as an example for anything but drinking tea and sitting around pissy and fussing with their suits.

    1. They were too busy trying to hold him back by pushing back against the front of his truck. IDIOTS!

    2. I bet if you even pulled that in Canada, you’d get shot. Endangering an officer’s life.

  8. I would be scared to death if a BMW with Limo tint with license plate number 666 cut me off and braked to stop me! I would floor it and go straight to the closest church!!

    1. whiterthan hitler Or the Russian mob… Dumb idea honking at him

  9. 4:37 or 4:44 you would if been justified to floor right into him and stop the threat

    1. Agreed. Once he pulled a gun he could have been run over for it. He got less than he deserved.

  10. I am so grateful that I live in America and people don’t get out and hit the car with a base ball bat just for honking

    1. Yeah, people pull guns on you just for honking instead.

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