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  1. The soundtrack on the car in the airport vid was really funny 🙂

    1. Garrett OBrien Honestly, I don’t like to make jokes on potentially fatal events, but I couldn’t help thinking of yelling to her, „Hey, you are supposed to keep the Vodka in the trunk, not the engine compartment!“

    2. I think she was drinking while driving and spilled some alcohol then tried to light a cigarette.

  2. Oh my god I jumped so hard at 3:12. I need to change my underwear now

  3. no matter what it is that music is Just damn funny in the last one

  4. whats is with the facebook messing sounds in your video?? Noob!!!!

    1. faceplant lies!!! it’s not it’s. it’s the facebook default Messenger sound I have six different dash cams and not one will randomly put a beep during the video

    2. Actually, some dashcams make a little noise when a certain G-force is active, but it’s more like a doorbell and not the Messenger tone.

  5. hhhhhhhhhhhh the last one was the best hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Gas is cheaper to run than benzine so they convert the cars to drive with benzine and gas, the job was probably poorly made, there was a gas leakage and somehow it burst into flames!

  6. Yakety Sax can be and is sometimes overused, but here it was spot on.

  7. Bit of comedy genius at the end there, that’s this weeks smile over with.

  8. Lol love that facebook notification at the end. Thought it was me then i realised i didn’t have facebook and went and played it again

  9. Your theme music where did you get that, I have heard that music before

  10. Step 1: Never take a bit of driver’s ed or driver’s training.
    Step 2: Find a 30 year old panel truck that has had zero maintenance performed on it for 25 years
    Step 3: Drink a quart of vodka
    Step 4: Drive in Russia

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