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Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs


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  1. I don’t care it’s clickbait friend, I like the videos :))

  2. lol, at 0:22 this is where i live, im literally 1 mile away from this road, thats the a10 in Enfield, car coming from the left came from Turkey Street, ahaha.

  3. Und hier wieder eine Lachnummer ab 2:08. Sicher, für den Betroffenen unangenehm, aber zum Zuschauen eine Abwechslung, da vor allem die Unfälle bedenklich sind!

  4. What Dash Cam drivers do after someone crashed and they got it on camera
    UK: pull over, say you got it on camera, show it to the police
    Russia: fast, need to get home and upload it to youtube!!

  5. 1:58 Look at that sexy Tesla braking before the driver notices anything :3

  6. Finally! As a Corsa owner I was kinda sad our „douchebagness“ was never on display, but now I’m happy.

  7. definamente na Rússia é o pais que se conduz pior na europa.

  8. What language do they speak? Is it russian? Why don’t they get better driver’s training? Isn’t it the workers paradise?

  9. 08:00 That moment when you know you got some drive skills. (I mean the guy with the mercedes)

  10. Reconozco que las carreteras con nieve son jodidas, pero jooooder o esta peña deja el vodka o seguiremos viendo más vídeos como este, son muy malos conduciendo, no digo todos pero la gran mayoría, esta lleno internet de vídeos como este, que peligro que tienen, deben de estar entre los 3 peores países como conductores.

  11. You know it’s clickbait when it says so on the thumbnail.

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