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  1. the police at 5:58 why did he tased him?? what exactly did he say?

    1. For one he was blocking traffic, 2 he also went up to the cop car in a threatening manner.

    2. Marco The Lynx blocking traffic is not a reason.. threatening the police officer, probably challenging to a fight, surely did…
      What ever the reason behind the insults and threats… the police officer was perfect with the taser: any other thing would resulted in that person’s injury or the police officer life being at risk

  2. Police: Do you know why I pulled you over?
    Veyron Driver: Because I let you.

    1. lol, you don’t get it: it’s either the owner driving it or it has been robbed…
      If it’s the owner: do you think he would be willing to be on record for being a criminal for running away from the transit police?
      If it’s a car thief do you think the only way to stop a „fast car“ is to chase it? The police have radios, and they have lots in numbers… a small road block and super fast Bugatti will have to stop.
      No, I am not a fan of hack cars… it’s pretty but it’s name has little weight in history. Cops are the law he he

    2. Ruben Campbell lol you don’t get it!
      what he posted was a well known joke……well,
      it’s well known to most people anyways

  3. Instant Karma Karma Karma Chameleon! CHAMELEON! CHAMELEON! My fav song ever!

    1. Talk about having a death wish, jumping out like that.

  4. 3:19 = Is hands down the best instant karma video in ages.

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