Crashed Car Channel


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    1. KARMA- noun 1. Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad(Meaning that in this video those who act stupid(ride with speed etc.) get instant payback for the actions.)

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  1. Someday I need to install a dash cam in my car and show you all the bad bicyclist and motorbike riders here in Arizona. They think the road laws don’t apply to them. I know not all bike rider are bad. Just the bad apples that gives them a bad name.

    1. Also as an Arizona resident I too can say that both bikers and car drivers have plenty of idiots, I honestly believe half the people here don’t even know what a turn signal is or how to use one and the bikers just seem to think they own the road.

  2. It’s so funny how none of these videos are English.. maybe we’re good drivers? I’m not being racist. I’m not saying we are. Great video!

    1. The Legendary Tricksterz we just don’t have as many dash cams….

  3. You must be a biker hater!! While some of these appear to be „kharma“, some definitely aren’t! ie. 0:19

    1. The car was on the closest lane to the intersection and turning legally at that intersection, the biker pass from the right, inside the car lane ilegally.

    2. Kelly Boyd I am a biker myself, and I drive an older AUDI car, and for that I have Idiot Audi drivers compilations and also bikers. There is no hate here, just videos put together. Have a nice day.

  4. Props to the driver at around the 1:30 mark for dodging the guy instead of running him over.

    1. It would have been better for everyone involved if the biker had just been removed from the gene pool.

  5. Loved the redneck on the quad at the opening…that was awesome

  6. I genuinely can’t figure out if Russian drivers are the worst, or motorcyclists.

  7. 5:50, I bet something embarrassing or incriminating happened, which is why he only decided to share the exactly moment of impact.

  8. What most bikers are like. Especially street bikes. They’re like BMWs and Audis, love the cars, hate the drivers.

  9. Gotta admit most of these were the fault of the motorcyclists (esp. the scooter riders)…sad to see really…been a rider for 35+ years and haven’t caused an accident in all that time…but have been on the sad end of other drivers‘ and riders fails.

  10. A channel that recycles a lot of footage in their videos equals a crap channel.

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