Is the Energy-problem of mankind solvable ? (part 2)

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Here is a fundamental scientific proof for the utilization of the Zero-point energy (ZPE) of the quantum-vacuum by converting it into classical mechanical energy. This vacuum-research work at the origin of the vacuum, at the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg.

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  1. Dr Turtur, can you rule out that during energy/power measurements of the principle experiment no ‚technical energy source‘ disturbed the measurement instruments, such as the regular electricity-network? The experiment involves so little energy that it is difficult to rule out external factors.

    Field waves that constitute „static field“ are definitely not TEM waves, so why does „relativity theory“ (that is based on constant speed of TEM waves) apply here?

  2. As the magnet’s energy propagates out at the speed of light (presumably), it is governed by „the inverse square law“. It sounds to me that your assumption is that the field remains constant, while it really should be decreasing as a function of volume that cube roots as it doubles in distance. This is a function of dispersance.

  3. Tom Bearden talks about this too in the energy from the vacuum series DVD’s.

  4. Keep up the work, It seems that you have come upon the same energy that the other discarded scientist have made very great discovery’s in the vacuum does not have any vital property’s due to the Tesla projects. There was no outer interference with his so why would have any in your theory.

  5. Greenpeace and similar organisations, we all need to eat, wake up and fund this research. Come forth from your corporate stuper, join in with this revolution, put an end to the petro chemical elite, they know of this and they can restrain it no longer.

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