Lindsey Stirling

Just Dance 4 – Lindsey Stirling

Online Violin & Fiddle Lessons


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    1. Sometimes I put it on my TV (which is about 50 inches) and pretend as though it is!
      Not bragging about TV size just stating.

  1. Man lindsey , make your own game called : Violin Hero! 
    I d buy it 😀

    1. Dario Bacher same!!! It would also help me get better at finger placement!

  2. Oh man, I just realised the song changed from Good feeling to Call Me Maybe xD

    1. That’s because the songs use the same 4 chords. Have a look at the ‚4 chord song‘ :).

  3. I think she really liked the making of the video, she always dresses up differently anyways xD

    1. It is her. What is wrong with you? Look up lindsey stirling singing on youtube

    2. +Rachel Ward  and the assassins creed thing too   i loved her cover for that one

    1. +Lindsey Stirling hi lindsey hola espero que entiendas el español ven a mexico

  4. Seriously if they had this on just dance 4 I would already buy a wii and the game just because it has this!
    I never danced with a violin this looks reallllyyy special isn’t it hard?

    1. +Anime X Angel XD I love Lindsey Stirling mostly because I played violin since the age 5 and now im 15 soooooooo……….. 

    2. +Anime X Angel when I first started it sounded like that and its not that hard to catch up on

  5. Lol I didn’t realize the other two girls were Lindsey until she came in the end

  6. Can someone explain what this is?? It’s like Good Feeling, Gangnam Style, Super Bass, Disturbia, and Call Me Maybe all in one. Is this some kind of mashup?

    1. And one part sounded like beauty and a beat (the rap part)

    2. +D-Designs | Channel Designs Ur not wrong on that one lol

  7. I just noticed now.. The violin gets stuck in her hair at the very end! Lolol

    1. wait really i didn’t notice i hope it doesn’t damage her hair and violin.

  8. Man I wish I knew how to play the violin. It’s kinda one of those things you should start when your younger:/

    1. +Mel Mel123 How did you start? Like, did you learn it in school or on your own? I would really love to try violin, but I don’t know where to start.

  9. I noticed that when Lindsey is about to put her Violin and string next to her, her violin gets caught in her hair. xD

  10. Did anyone else notice that lindseys hair got stuck in the violin?

  11. It took me until the end of the video to realize all three of the people were Lindsey

  12. This video reminds me so much of Prism! xD… Maybe she got the idea from here

    1. she got the idea when she go to japan in her Shatter Me Tour

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