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Kayaking the Sand Dunes of Namibia

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  1. hey, just made a pretty sick MTB edit if you wouldn’t mind checking out! „dont know“-most recent upload, hope you enjoy!

  2. Just made a sick BSR CABLE PARK video! You should check it out!! 🙂

  3. One day i will down a big dune with a surfboard or whatever. And i Will shot that!

    1. +Ryan LeFevre is that your actual name? Or are you really Denis Reynolds?

    1. That is a kayak you will find on Craigslist soon listed as „Gently Used Kayak“

  4. Flying kayak at 0:49? GENIOUS you have to take more shots of that!

  5. What if he kayaked down the sand hill into the water with huge speed! That would be so fun

  6. Interesting!! Didn’t know we can kayak on sand dunes! Thanks for sharing!!

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