Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling – Carol of the Bells

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  1. Im so glad she did this
    Carol of the bells is my favorite song for christmas

    1. Mine too. Particularly the Trans Siberian Orchestra/Metallica version. This is definitely going in the top with it though.

  2. Lindsey can play so good.. she can make it snow indoors.

    1. PenguinGames- Random Vids I guess u dont know how that works… its with the bow and also she needed to do other parts to make it sound like that… and she uses not just her bow as well. also the bow doesn’t need to move in each note her fingers take. it can be up/down bow with 2 or more notes in that bowing

  3. I play violin for my school and just for fun ^.^
    and you so good I LOVE you

  4. Please keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration and my daughter wanted a violin because of you. Got her one for Christmas.

  5. This was amazing but you need to work on your wrist because half of the time you have it bent I get it if your a begginer but you’ve been playing for years

    1. Speaking from experience it takes a loooooong time to work out that habit

  6. Se que no podrán entender mi comentario, pero igualmente es hermoso el violín es un idioma universal

    1. Kelly Ramirez si, no entiendo el idioma inglés, pero si se que es hermoso

    2. Allison Lopez O seu comentário foi o único que deu pra entender melhor,Mas não importa,Ela é maravilhosa toca muito !!!!

    3. Es verdad a mi me gusta mucho el sonido del violín con sonidos de electrónica n.n

  7. This thing actually helped me get a song out of my head and now I’m listening to this beautiful song all the time

    1. spawn D Do mean Lindsey?  If so, incorrect!  She’s worked with choreographers for videos and tours, but before DWTS she had NO formal dance training (and certainly not ballet).  This has been documented over and over.  (If I’ve misinterpreted your comment, my apologies.)

  8. Wait….. i know this place. This is the warehouse Corridor used for First Person Vs Third Person Splinter Cell.

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