Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling – „Hold My Heart“ feat. ZZ Ward

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  1. I love this! I am slightly confused though. Her makeup says deer but her costume says rabbit?

    1. Nus Mus in the behind the scenes she said she’s meant to be a rabbit

    2. I am such a bigfan linsey i want to be like you i have a violin

    3. I know I was kind of confused with her outfit and looks too

  2. I see this as a crossover between Moulin Rouge and the male version of Alice in wonderland.

    1. Sprii
      No just no, That comment has to be a joke… a bad joke, a troll… PLEASE don’t tell me you are serious. Jacob Satorious or Matty B they are nothing like Lindsey, I could not even finish a few seconds of their songs… SO much cringe. Reminds me of poorly done Justin Bieber… and I despise him with a passion. SO please don’t compare a proper artist to Bieber wannabes.

  3. Hi guys! My name is Kyle Rezzarday and I’m the actor that played „Alex in Wonderland“! This music video was so much fun to make, with the greatest cast and crew, and I hope you enjoyed it!!!

    1. Kyle Rezzarday congratulation on working with Lindsey. You played a great role there and we see you as a great big actor.
      Keep on the great work!

  4. Good song but the squatting or plie feels weird to have there

    1. I honestly wish she didn’t do that either lol but I love this song and video

    2. +April Jones Lindsey, herself isn’t always comfortable with female sexuality. It’s about modesty and abstinence for some people, not that a squat is too much for them to handle, or something like that.

    3. Kailee Walden That’s fair, but I would say it’s not that the squat feels weird or out of place so much as it’s uncomfortable for some people. I would also say that Lindsey dances provocatively in many of her videos, like Prism for example. The difference is that in most of them the message is „come get me“ and in this one the message is „I’ll come to get you.“ Most people don’t seem to be bothered by women being portrayed as passive sexual objects but become uncomfortable when their active sexuality is on display. I think the fact that people seem to be more uncomfortable with this than any of her other videos is rather telling.

    4. It’s a crossover between Moulin Rouge and the male version of Alice in wonderland

    1. Yes Lindsey is playing a dominate female role… It is nice to see her not always the „weak“ gender that needs to be saved. I love seeing her videos of the female role being the strong one.

    2. And since when was Lindsey the „weak gender that needs to be saved“?

    3. Probably related to Shater Me and Lost Girls. But still, there are a lot of counter parts (Giants, Roundtable Rival, Mirage,…)

    4. but even then both in shatter me and lost girls Lindsey saves herself *on her own* AND its not a weak girl thing its about getting out of your comfort zone and rejecting the temptation to return to it even after the hardship that will occur with it. I would say its the exact opposite :3

  5. I don’t think people really understand how hard it is to play the violin. You maybe thinking “ Well she’s dancing while she’s playing, so it must not be that hard!“ Well that is a VERY well talent! To be able to dance while play the violin that good is just mind blowing! She has been practicing for so so so so so so long.

    1. Pourquoi Despair okay the music is not that easy one and learning violin is super hard and learning the notes and strings remembering every one without looking back to it is hard I know I just started I see how hard it is my fingers are sore my hands are sore so it’s not easy

    2. I’ve been playing violin for a few years and I find it hard enough to try to walk and play at the same time. So to be able to dance and play everything perfectly it’s amazing!

    3. Violin is REALLY hard to play. I would know since I also play violin, for almost 10 years now. I still have trouble with it even now. Think about the effort that goes into this stuff before you say „Oh it can’t be that hard!“

  6. I thought Lindsey Sterling was Mormon
    (edited)I still like her music though.

    1. Adison Unsworth I’m Mormon too, and I thought it was provocative and immodest as well. I hope she’s getting a lot of support to help her keep her standards, she seems really nice. I know the music industry can be full of some nasty stuff though. Maybe she’s feeling some pressure.

    2. This one of the problems I have with religious people, people that claim they know God… people who judge other people because they are not „Mormon“ enough or „Christian“ enough or whatever… When you judge people you are trying to step in to the roll of God. God will judge us all… Your place is not to judge people, your place is to be a good human and respect the choices of other people. It just hurts knowing how dark people’s hearts are, especially the ones that claim they know God and still try to openly judge people. Please if you are going to judge someone else, take a good look at yourself before you do. After all we are all just humans and not perfect.

    3. I’m not one to say anything about religion… I’m not going to say anything anyways because I’m young and don’t know what to believe in. My grandma is Mormon and she basically believes in having a happy life… no sadness whatsoever. Not sure if that’s a lifestyle? Or is that what being Mormon is? I looked it up on google. It’s very confusing.

  7. when I first saw the pic chosen for this video, I thought it was a younger lindsey lohan. She looks a lot like her in this!

  8. Lindsey thank you for inspiring me to play the violin. when I meet you I was so scared so please continue to make great videos and stay strong

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