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Lindsey Stirling – Love’s Just A Feeling feat. Rooty

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„Love’s Just A Feeling“ feat. Rooty from Lindsey’s album Brave Enough:

Song Produced by Zedd
Video Directed by Lindsey Stirling



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    1. Andrew Westmoreland And in the end you get a holotape containing a playlist of her best songs.

    2. Andrew Westmoreland I would kill 100 deathclaws for all of Lindsey’s songs in fallout. Mad dubstep drops as I rampage through the wasteland.

    3. Andrew Westmoreland Ya…made me think of fallout 4…but this video is like so sad….and very beautiful song…

  1. Loved this, Linds! You are beautiful, talented… and we MISS YOU A TON! Thanks for being such a great inspiration to millions around the world! ❤️’s from your favorite twins!

    1. I just saw one of your recent(?) videos where you went to a lindsey stirling concert and you said she was like a family friend. I went like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    1. Noah Gadea cool , so it’s like this game called the silent age? (you can find it on Google play but I don’t know if it’s on Apple) also you just roasted someone

    2. If you want another cute time travel romance then go watch „Doctor Who“


      Kati Johnson S H A T T E R MEEEEEE
      I’m sorry, I had to

    2. Kati Johnson just like the lion king death killed everyone…. emotionally

  2. This music deserves more views, it’s awesome. Anyone else keep replaying this song over and over again too? XD

    1. i am lashing me self crying like a lil CAT a miserable creature full of blood and tears

    2. I watched this about 48 times today and I also listened to the actual track on my mp3 about 10 or 15 times. 🙂 I cannot stop listening to this song. <3


  4. She did such a good job with the acting. She mentioned how awkward it was for her and the first guy but they did a fantastic job. When I first saw this I couldn’t but smile at how cute their relationship was. ^^ Awesome job Lindsey!!!!

  5. I think this song really shows how we fall in love with different people at different times. Each one of them had a very special place in our hearts, and when they’re gone, it feels like you’ve lost a limb and you’re never quite the same as you were again, because each of them took part of you’re heart and you will never ever get it back. It’s the risk we take, and even when it hurts so horribly we think we’ll never get through it, never be able to LIVE again, that we forget it takes pain and trial to grow and become stronger. Sometimes the only way to get stronger is to fall first. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lindsey; I never understood this song before, but now I do and it reaches me like almost no other. Thank you for helping carry me through the most difficult time of my life.

    1. Well that’s 1 thought but I think that she’s scared to fall in love after all ready being hurt from love so by saying“loves just a feeling“ its telling her that it is actually just a feeling and you shouldn’t take it too deep and instead smile and accept it,, and her first love keeps replaying because every time she thinks she’s falling it reminds her of old memories but she remembered that she shouldn’t overthink it because its just a feeling

    2. Sam Ugo Sorry man, but I think you’re confusing infatuation with love

    1. It’s on Radio Disney like everyday. (I have a sister, so don’t get me started)

    2. Me too! I heard it play on a Seattle radio station and I about lost my sh*t. I’m so happy to see Lindsey get some mainstream attention after all the hard work and beautiful music she’s done. I can’t wait to hear more of her beautiful music!

    3. Isaiah Harrison It’s annoying that such talent won’t be made public in other countries! I am from Romania and I NEVER heard it on radio 🙁

  6. According to the Bible, love is more than a feeling. (if you’re into that kind of thing

    1. I agree ! According to the Bible true love is more precious than anything and it must be very proven because if it will not be proven you can not call it a love.

    2. Yes, but I feel in relationships, we shouldn’t give with expectation of anything back. That being said, we shouldn’t put up with abuse just to keep a relationship and when someone is not giving on their side of the relationship, it’s hard to be with that person

    3. +William Torola And Lindsey believes that too. The lyrics are figurative. It’s saying that falling in love doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, which is what Lindsey struggles with. Brave Enough is about being able to be open to feel all emotions- love and pain.

  7. I wonder what I’m running from
    Stay inside and barricade the door
    Miss the sun to avoid the storm
    Would do anything to feel the warmth
    I wonder where I’m going wrong

    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling
    Some kind of emotion
    When you need the healing
    When you’re all broken
    Don’t over think it before the moment is stolen
    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling
    And right now I’m open, I’m open

    I want to fall like I won’t hit the ground
    I want to dance like nobody’s around
    Walk on the edge and not look down
    Follow my heart and lose my head into the clouds
    It took a while but I’m here now

    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling
    Some kind of emotion
    When you need the healing
    When you’re all broken
    Don’t over think it before the moment is stolen
    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling, and right now I’m open, I’m open

    I hold my hands up, afraid of so much
    It’s time I let it all go
    Maybe I’ve lost touch
    In all the blind love
    I’m gonna let it all go

    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling
    Don’t over think it
    ‚Cause love’s just a feeling
    Some kind of emotion
    Don’t over think it before the moment is stolen

    I did it-
    Be proud, mom. xD

  8. Is there anyone else who keeps looping the song non-stop? By the way, a lot of those views you got are mine ;D

  9. this is my fav song so far!!!!! <3 I've seen this vid like 100.....TO MANY TO COUNT TIMES I LOVE THIS!!!!

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