Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling – Prism

Online Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Brave Enough on iTunes featuring „Prism“! Album out worldwide!


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  1. YAYYYYYY!!!! ITS UP FINALLY! I always love choreographing for you and it came out looking AMAZING!!!!!

    1. This is SO cool! I want to learn it! Are you ever going to put it up on your channel?
      It’s so great!

    2. +AnimeFreak792 YES I would love to see the choreography for this!

    1. Quick Lindseys‘ run before the akatsuki catches you, RUUUNNN

    1. I hope she does get married; to someone that would not get jealous of her friends, her fans love for her, and her love for us. Someone that would give her enough space to continue to be the effectively creative and encouraging musical performing artist that we have come to know and love. And most of all, someone who would make her heart happy and full of life. <3

    2. She isn’t married,but she has a boyfriend,but when that doesn’t works out(since he’s just a youtuber,not a universal star like Lindsey)im next in line & with me she won’t need the line anymore since I’m the right one,these are facts.

    1. SAME! but Prism I listen to 10 times more than all of her other songs 😀 been playing Lindsey almost flatout for a just over a month, breaking it up only with a bit of ZZ Ward

    2. I just learned how to play this!
      (And Shatter Me, and Master of the Tides)

  2. Hi Lindsey I absolutely LOVE your music. I am currently taking violin lessons. I also just bought your new album „Brave Enough“ 
    I love the music on the album.

    1. BillionSix Yes it’s still a vital service , maybe not in the states as over there it’s just adverts and nothing of substance but in other places it’s vital

    1. I’d totally go to a Violindseys concert if they were a thing

  3. she had to do the same dance 5 times just to do each girl, cool

    1. She’s more talented then you so do us a favor and shut up

    2. EeveeGirl2006 okay but…. SHE DID HAVE TO DANCE IT FIVE TIMES. There’s no need to tell someone to shut up.

    3. Carolina Fabian
      That is her dedication to the craft. It’s pretty seemless, except for one moment when they’re all in a row.

  4. The first time I saw this I thought it was representing
    Jay-Z, Meghan trainor, Sia, Ariana Grande, and Lady gaga!
    Like and reply if you agree!

    1. I see that too, but also nods to the Spice Girls and K-pop groups like 4Minute. 🙂

  5. All Lindsey Editions
    Lindsey Bubble Edition (Baburu Hen)
    Lindsee Fashionista Edition (Fashinnisuta Hen)
    Lin-Z Future Edition (Mirai Hen)
    Lindsay Storm Edition (Arashi Hen)
    Lindsie Sport Edition (Supotsu Hen)

  6. Lead Violinist: Lindsay
    Backup Violinists: Lindsey, Lyndsie
    Lead Singer: Lin-Z
    Backup Singer: Lindsee
    Dancers: Basically All of Them

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