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Mercedes Vito Tourer PRO 116 CDI Test Drive, Interior Review, Consumption-First Review

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  1. Do not worry! The compilations are still comming. Today lady driving fails!

  2. I actually like Videos like that, I drive Cars like this a lot but I haven’t been in the new Vito yet. Very interesting to see it!

  3. Just do whatever you like. No matter what you’ll upload, there are always people who will like it. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Nice carSo your trying to „shake it up a bit“ with your channel? As we American would say when one tries to do thing a bit different. Some people don’t mind verity some don’t like change. Don’t let the negative comments bother you, just look past them. It’s your channel you do as YOU wish. Cheers, my friend.

  5. Nice catch with the rear hatch & pull handle. Not many think about that when checking a van or suv. Good 1st review!

    1. Kevin Watanabe Thank’s a lot. Glad you say that.

  6. Cool but, where is the stupid woman compilation from this month?

  7. Greetings from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or F.Y.R.O.M for short.

  8. Hey Ivan, keep the reviews coming! It’s a nice variety! Love your channel my friend!

    1. M. Allen Photography Thank you. Nice of you to say that.

  9. Support from Pakistan …don’t be nervous …it was a good video …Good luck

  10. I liked the review, I think you did good. I also think those metal tracks for the back seats are very ugly and could be annoying to trip on.

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