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Mission Impossible – Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys

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  1. I thought it was funny how the cello guy had to drag around that chair everywhere xD

    1. Molly Weasley I seen ppl playing it stood up it’s prolly hard tho

    2. For a school parade, I had to drag my cello, stand, music, and chair…. It was great because the bases had to do it too!

    3. The Seven Angels That will probably be me soon. I play cello.

  2. Here’s the real question…how are they able to break in carrying a bunch of instruments and steal at the same time? Now that’s a REAL mission impossible! 😀

    1. Musical instruments are the equivalent to firearms. THAT makes this the REAL mission impossible. Unless the instruments were as in ‚Moon Trance‘.

  3. Everyone, quick! The code is 1235, lets steal the grand piano.

    1. Small problem sir….The piano won’t fit in the get away car…

    2. +Carolyn Whiteness Ma’am, it’s alright because I contacted base to send over our largest truck.

    3. I will play sneaky business on it as you load it in 😉

  4. To everyone who’s watching this, don’t forget your chair. Always bring it with you. O_O

    1. cellos are heavy though, you get tired after a while. also, i’m lazy ;p

    2. ᄋᄌᄋ I play violin and piano, But I am thinking about playing the cello!

  5. Happy #MissionImpossibleMonday Stirlingites and +Lindsey Stirling  😀 I wish you all a great day!
    Stirlingite of the day is today: +Violin Rocker, congrats 🙂

    1. Happy #MissionImpossibleMonday ! Have a wonderful day everyone ! 🙂
      Also congrats to +Violin Rocker 🙂

  6. Happy #MissionImpossibleMonday  Stirlingites and Lindsey Stirling 🙂
    Have a great day and enjoy the video 😀
    Stirlingite of the day is today… *drum roll*
    +Artorias the Abyss Walker, congrats 🙂

    1. +Brad Easten thank you too Brad 😀
      well first yes, second no xD but I managed to finish a picture for Kenneth’s Birthday 😀
      now I still have to work… hhhh… gotta go
      Take care, too 🙂 <3

    2. +FrostyBlue23 I would be happy about that 😀
      Kenneth’s Birthday is on Sunday the 15th 🙂

  7. It’s Monday :/ It’s #MissionImpossibleMonday ^^ YAY! I wish you and +Lindsey Stirling a great day. I’m happy she is safely back in the US as I heard about a cyclone or sth like that, which caused many trouble on the Philippines… My  thoughts go to the poor people there :'(
    Please also choose days for the next songcalendar in April. Just think about your favourite song and make a day of it and then tell Vy Vy cuz I have no time right at the moment. You all know I won’t reply for the next five days again :/
    Last but not least, Stirlingite of the day is today: +FrostyBlue23 , congrats Frosty, love you ^-^

    1. #CagedBirdWednesday or still #SongOfTheCagedBirdWednesday?

    2. I’m tired of this weather
      And seems like Mr. Snowman is obssesed with grumpy commercial xD

  8. Hi guys, I’m a bit nervous, cuz I didn’t get to finish my two essay over the weekend (just one :/) which I wanted so badly. Anyway I wish you all a great #MissionImpossibleMonday  and I can’t wait for Take Flight. I love +Lindsey Stirling for what she is doing and I love you guys, but you already know^^
    Stirlingite of the day is today: +Richard Soyos congrats 😀
    and I’m trying to accomplish my mission impossible now… see you tomorrow <3

    1. +Rizkie Yudha x’D cough, cough … at work …
      No actually my day was pretty awesome, I just have to go on with my essay now, so I can’t write you all back, just one thing: I agree +Brad Easten writing an essay, no one really wants to read is still better than doing nothing, lol and thank you all for commenting and your nice wishes, I’m already missing you again <3

    2. We didn’t talk a lot to each other during the weekend, plus I was really busy and I’m still busy until Friday, too. I miss you so much +Mel Stirling 🙁
      And there’s no words to describe Take Flight’s video ! THE VIDEO IS TRULY PERFECT.

    3. +FrostyBlue23 awww thanks and I saw her too 😀 she even liked my comment and I liked hers^^

  9. Hi friends and +Lindsey Stirling 😀 Happy #MissionImpossibleMonday ! I hope you have a lovely day and the Strlingite of the day is +Lindsey Stirling Fan 😀 congrats

    1. +Abdelrahman Ab No xD I have free time, therefore I’m so happy
      Also I’m glad to hear that 🙂

    2. +Brad Easten you’re so welcome and I hope you have a great and lovely day, Brad 😀

  10. they spoke korean but the waiter handed her a „chinese“snack invented in the USA

    1. fortune cookies are american? i guess that explains, at least to some extent why they are HORRIBLE.

    2. It helps if you remove the paper first. Tastes less papery that way. One could say the same of cigarettes. 🙂

  11. Did anyone else hear Lindsey’s cover of „A Thousand Years“ in the beginning…? I did. o3o

    1. +THEBLUESURFER♡ I think it’s ThePianoGuys cover of „A Thousand Years“. But, I’m not sure.

  12. I am on a top secret mission. What should we do? We should grab our instruments and start playing them wherever we go lol

  13. 3:20 How many times has Lindsey accidentally kicked the guy in the head before they mastered this? XD

    1. +Nick Hentschel because you know I’m all about that bread, bout that bread, no pizza! (Pffffahahahaha lol XD)

    2. +Nick Hentschel I feel really smart now XD
      I’m really smart 😛
      Nah… But I have my moments 😀

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