Most Dangerous Street Drugs in America

How Long Can You Survive When Medical Assistance Is NOT Coming?


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  1. this is depressing how many of them start selling to support their habits put up with a drug dealer living underneath me for over 2 years and was breathing marijuana and spice fumes and getting sick from it. Sick of these dope heads excuses and lying I can’t even take ibuprofen

    1. xoC eillexoC eilleKKellyK Cox You can’t take ibuprofen so that automatically means everyone in pain who needs a strong pain killer is lying? How do you know what marijuana & spice fumes smell like? Are you sure that it wasn’t your own mental health issues that were causing you to assume that your neighbors were dope heads & drug dealers blowing non-stop fumes into your apartment to spite you? Stop judging people you don’t know, & assuming you know what kind of life they live or what they’ve experienced throughout it, even if that led them to becoming an addict.

  2. This man is a genius. His other documentary on heroin, The Dark Side of the Street, was also magnificent. Definitely his masterpiece.

  3. Good thing that God blessed America, right? Imagine how bad the drug problem would be without an imaginary sky daddy.

    1. You must not be much of a sinner. Jesus only came to save the lost. Sinners like me know all too well about karma… and that it really exists through many years of being punished too exactly for things we did in secret that i and many just can’t deny of it’s existence anymore… there was someone watching. Some higher power. But, God’s people are the lost… the sinners… and only we know of the things that came back around on us exactly without a doubt. I have also seen karma happen to many many other people as well when i exam their lives hanging around them. Sometimes, karma is just waiting for the best time to finally strike that person. Some did bad things to me and i was amazingly somehow put right there to have to witness it when every little thing they did to me or to others or to’ve heard or know of it. Some has had their eyes opened, while others are still in the process. Guess what goes around comes around, like they say.
      Plus you must have never dealt with paranormal things to know that there’s things that are there and out there that you can’t see, but exists.

    2. Athiests would make some of the best ghost hunters, unlike them phonies on them tv shows who just want to be on TV and they put the cameras on their faces more than anything else. They just film at old abandoned creepy looking places to save costs and from meeting paranormal things that are out there. Go see youtube videos rock n roll music and songs played backwards, it’s just like that. Like wow, i heard that for sure… same thing with ppl who have experienced things that most would not believe existed in this world and out of it.

    3. Leo theChibowow atheists have one holiday April Fool’s Day

  4. I truly started crying about Ariana and Marissa I was rooting for them. I was in the same position of Marissa her life mirrored mine totally. I made it out. I wish she could have as well. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of them and their families.

  5. THE JOURNEY IS REAL…This is what drugs will do.. my dad passed away back in 2004 from an accidental drug over dose that was not an accident…. meaning no one forced him to drink alcohol con This stantly. No one forced him to do any drugs. My dad was a great man who let himself surrender to the ABSOLUTE POWER of the mind when it comes to drugs and the physical withdrawal of addiction as a whole. Im 29 yrs old and I miss my dad more and more every single day. Im filming a documentary on homelessness and drug addiction and how it changes lives regardless of race, weight, income, chosen profession or lack thereof…. etc. Id love to include some people who have experienced drug addiction who are now clean.. also anyone who has famiy or have lost people close to them from drugs etc. Contact me via email. or thank you all for reading. Chad

    Ps ive just started this channel. What tha hell . #whatthahell id love you to subscribe and help me start changing lives one keyboard at a time

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  7. It is so bad when you see the before and after pictures of people that have done hard core drugs. The people look really bad. I sometimes wonder if they can reverse the damage to their looks?

    1. Wayne Raisch I agree. It is really sad that people mess up their looks by doing drugs. Reconstructive or plastic surgery may help, but I doubt they will ever look as good as they did before they began using drugs.

  8. That’s why Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte hates illegal drugs… The reason why he started the war on drugs and stop drug lords, pushers and all who are involved in drugs. Good plan to do… Stop all types of illegal drugs worldwide and save our children and future, only drug cartel leaders becoming rich…. remember Drug kills!!!

  9. My grandpap says: „Reviving those junkies is a waste of time.  When I had surgery they gave me morphine tablets and told me to be very conscious not to abuse those pills.  The Pharmacist was over 65 like me so I didn’t.“

  10. I swear Suboxone works, Methadone is garbage. Don’t give up trying to quit, Come to British Columbia for help, you only have to be clean for 24 hours not 5 days like Alberta. one way or another, its cheaper for the government that you overdose rather than treat you, don’t wait for their hand to come to you, there are non-government organizations who can help.
    Ive  been there, and now I’m not. I swear.

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  12. If you do not take dire action against drugs you will loose a entire generation of people the government must declare a state of emergency and take drastic steps to prevent millions of deaths

    1. martin duffy It’s domestic terrorism. I can’t help think it’s deliberate. They know exactly what’s happening.

  13. These people are already dead. All they are missing is the coffin.

  14. If these were not rich people covering their asses, the police would be arresting these people.

  15. Why don’t the boffins create some kind of electro brain stimulation thing that can reverse the addiction. Maybe you could have it in a phone ap lol? Ok I’m stabbing in the dark here but I’m lost for anything else to do about this except provide free heroin if they are stable otherwise. You’d think with an associated 85% crime rate they’d want to do something about it but apparently not so there must be a stronger incentive for those in power to keep it going?

  16. The last thing recovering addicts need is to be brought back into remembering their addiction. I’m very happy that homeboy made a documentary for all of your entertainment at the expense of these recovering addicts.
    P.S. Don’t even start to trying to rebuttal my statement like you know something. Unless you’ve actually done it & been there, shooting up, homeless, in jail, panhandling, stealing, etc trying to get that next fix so you won’t be so dope sick that you can’t bare. While at the same time you’re at the point where you just wish that your next fix is loaded & takes you out, hopefully somewhere no one will come around to notice you so that 911 isn’t called & Narcan isn’t administered.
    Also, don’t try to argue how these documentaries are very important to address the opiate epidemic & to teach people about addiction & show how horrible it is. There have been countless documentaries made over the past decades. They aren’t showing or saying anything new with this documentary that wasn’t said with the countless before it. The only difference is the quality of footage due to advancement in technology, & of course a set of new recovering addicts who were doing just fine until they were made to relive their days as a junkie, which is why 90% of them relapsed.
    The best way for recovering addicts is to avoid anything to do with their choice of drug(s), including participating in documentaries where they have to think back & remember their time using. The first guy stated correctly about drug dreams & how difficult they are to overcome. I got clean through the ibogaine program which I thought was a miracle as I had no withdrawals whatsoever, & then no drug dreams & triggers as well. But eventually several years down the line I started getting them again here & there, until finally years later I relapsed & overdosed, also ended up catching a charge for overdosing as the city was behind on their quota from previously arresting recreational marijuana users which they could no longer do since it was legalized.
    So yeah, for all of you reading this & get triggered to say something in response, don’t unless you’ve been there yourself. While for those who made this video, just know that there is a very good chance that these addicts relapsed because of being in this video & having to recall their use to answer your questions or tell their experiences.

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