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Nazaré goes ballistic. | Sessions

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  1. Awesome vid, surf’s up, very cool. Thanks! :)) Thumbs up!

  2. This is insane I would love to do this one day .on the bucket list

    1. It’s like…this could be my last meal, so I go for lasagna.

    1. yeah, those guys are amazing, their name is „Máquina Voadora“ (Portuguese for flying machine), they also won a award in the Los Angels Drone Film Festival, last December, with the short movie „The Big Ugly“!

  3. Huge tip of the hat to the people that surf these monstrous waves, I’m not sure how they surf with balls that massive.

  4. Excellent drone footage… From this angle it looks beautyfull; and even more scary when u see the wave from this perspective… Crazy 😀

  5. Absolutely amazing. The size of that wall of water compared to the tiny speck the rider was, was terrifying to watch. Couldn’t imagine being towed in. Much admiration. These athletes have balls of titanium. More of this please Red Bull.

    1. You took the words right out of our mouths. We’re glad you enjoyed the vid!

  6. As. A Natural Warrior I Detest The Corporate World Especially giants like Red Bull. As a big wave rider who would rather be tortured to Death than be connected with a Brand Name and Logo. These companies destroy the pure essence of freedom that comes from exploring these waves by yourself and without a media circus,and also destroying the planet with their huge toxic chemical overflow from making such wonder products for you to enjoy and promote without a single thought as to what they are doing to the planet.

    1. well said mate. What the fuk does drinking sugar and poison have to to with surfing, skating and mountaineering?…ZERO. People are so dumb. Red Bull is THE LAST thing ANY sports person should be drinking or promoting,. too much caaaash being handed out to the SELLOUTS.

    2. But without them, it would be unlikely these guys could find the funding to do such amazing things.
      I respect redbull for all the sponsorship they provide and the ideas im sure they bring to the table. I never drink redbull though.

    3. I think that role of these sponsors is overrated. Sure, they can help surfers to get to places where would be difficult to get for them otherwise, but if someone want to ride big waves, because he likes it, than he can do it even without any sponsor. Best example of this is Jeff Clark, who was first to surf Maverick´s. Not only he surfed it first, but he surfed this spot for about 15 years almost alone.

    4. Hud Maughan If you feel that strong about the effects of manufacturing red Bull has on the planet
      You might wanna look at the manufacturing process of that wetsuit that keeps you nice and warm when you’re out there riding those big waves… oh and don’t forget that big gun you’re riding those big waves on too!!!

  7. I was here in the late 90s…Back then, Nazare isn’t much known yet for its gigantic waves….Surreal!!!

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