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  1. need a chinese speaking co-host for China friendly anti shark fin soup

    1. There will always be some asians that will eat dogs and cats, just like there will always be black criminals, or muslims blowing themselves up or whites shooting up kids in school or jews running the world. It’s really a matter of perspective. I’m just curious why this guy hates asians so much lol

    2. There are restaurants in China that only serve endangered spieces. The chinese really don’t care about animal preservation.

    3. L S damn right. Asians are one of the lowest class of people in this world.

  2. I think the crew of the USS Indianapolis has something else to say about how sharks are.

    1. They sadly proved that if you are an average swimmer or diver then your chances of being killed by a shark are negligible, but if you are a survivor in the ocean bleeding Sharks will eventually do what nature put them there to do and clean up the ocean.

    2. You can put any wild animal on a spot like that, I’d like to see them any different. Its not just sharks

    3. Xuimma Sleeping Ok let’s put a bunch of frogs in a pool full of people and watch the blood bath begin.

  3. This is stupid. She’s just lucky. A colosal predator like a great white can attack in any moment if it’s hungry. And that would be the end.

    1. Facts re not opinions and those are FACTS. The „new age“ guys, don’t like facts, the build their own Disney World of projected dreams.

    2. And I assume your somebody with a vast amount of knowledge regarding ocean predators to back up your crappy claim?

    3. Littleshredder58 no they spit us out because we taste bad, and ars skinny, if we were fatty than we might be on their menu

    4. It’s a juvenile GWS it is 3.8m they only feed on smaller fish until they hit 5m when they start feeding on seals. They can grow up to 7m and folklore suggest maybe a bit larger. 5m+ is when you be careful, this shark is only young.

    5. We are not on their menu, if we go into their environment and act like a seal we will get eaten since they have bad eye sight.. We have to adapt to them in their environment not vice versa.. We humans think everything should bow to us, not the case down there.

  4. I appreciate her profound passion for these awesome creatures, but I don’t think she fully understands shark behavior. If she goes into the water with a small injury or even residual blood from her periods and the shark is looking to feed, then the shark’s acute sense of smell is going to drive it into a frenzy, and anything could happen then. A couple of decades back there was a similar interest in the big cats- lions, tigers etc. until folks started being unexpectedly attacked and mauled.
    Animals don’t have to be cute and cuddly in order to be liked. Mother Nature evolved these awesome animals to be apex predators in their respective ecosystems. They are meant to be admired and respected, albeit from a distance (or from within a dive cage).

    1. Hey hold your horses, I have great respect for this lady and the creatures she is trying to save. If it’s scientific observation that she wants to do, she can always do it through a cage or with an underwater camera. She definitely does this more to derive a sense of thrill then scientific enquiry. And, no one is trying to say that biologists don’t know what they are saying, just that there is a certain degree of uncertainty here in regards to the animal’s behavior.

    2. It definitely cannot teach Michael Kirk to read your post. Zero points for academia.

    3. Sie versteht so lange mehr von Haien, bis sie von einem gerissen wird. Und dann wird man es eben einen unglücklichen Moment nennen und ihr, und nicht dem Hai die schuld zuweisen…was dem ja auch genau so wäre….

      Es bedeutet einfach nur warten und irgendwann kommt der Tag da wird sie getötet durch diesen Leichtsinn

    4. Kshitij Karnik Steve Irwin was accidentally stabbed in the heart by a sting ray barb. Please check your facts

    5. Ah so this is what they mean when they say „mansplaining“ I’m sure she is cognizant of the dangers of diving with sharks. In fact i suspect she could teach the course on it.

  5. I appreciate what this girl is doing, but she should remind herself of the Guy and his girlfriend in Alaska who were both eaten by a Bear that didn’t realize they were friendly humans. I wish her the best, but she’s playimg Russian-Roulet.

    1. Tulsatom Bob I literally thought of Timothy Treadwell also! It’s great they have a passion for such creatures and want to bring awareness but they’re WILD, top predators, not kittens!

    2. Tulsatom Bob actually body language makes everything EXTREMELY predictable, but you have to NOT be a narcissist to understand this. body language exists for all species, and can be learned by anyone smart enough to pay attention to their surroundings. if you get eaten then it is purely due to your own stupidity becuse nothing in nature WANTS to eat humans due to the foul taste.

    3. Bears are less predictable than sharks,same with lions who „know“ humans.She would never dive with a bunch of nervous sharks ! And who cares about those in Alaska,you decide to go in a wild place where bears live it’s your fault you’re asking for it.Humans think they are so special and deserve to be untouchable,even when it’s clear u shouldn’t get closer .The White seems more relaxed than a terrier !

    4. Vasco Nunes you know bears and sharks are totally different from eachother right?

    1. Jack Hruschak im not a shark….an I’d eat her…lol

    2. Jack Hruschak she should make a video about her pink snapper….. or maybe her bearded clam.

  6. I dont go into Africa pet lions because ……oh ya its a predator in its natural environment!!! you suicidal moron dont kill them their beautiful creatures. but for god sakes why jump into the water with them cant you view them from idk a cage ?

    1. You know the African people used to live vulnerable to lions for thousands of years as they didn’t have houses to hide in. Over time they dealt with this problem by hunting lions to the extent the lions would fear their red robes.

    2. Because she is trying to show that our perception of them is wrong, they are not crazy murdering monsters like the movies say they are.. how would being in a cage while down there look… like she is scared right? Duh.

  7. She is such a kind hearted person, I may be scared of sharks but I find them very fascinating animals

  8. One day the shark and the little blond girl will become one.

    1. You wouldn’t say that if it were a real tough man doing it

    2. one day the shark is going to eat the little blond girl and we are going to be told what an amazing person she was trying to change the world for the better

    3. This reminded me of Wenrer Herzogs documentary, Grizzly Man.

      I have been informed that the Great White Sharks behavior changes drastically depending on the region that they are in – I for one will not even consider getting in the water in parts of Australia. I sure as hell wont try to touch any sharks either.

  9. The fear mongers are strong under such vids. No wonder, most people today live in big towns, they don’t know it better. The most dangerous life form on this planet, are anxiously humans.

    1. Sigh were apex predators on land but in the water were just snacks

    2. clinton labine we aren’t predators at all. Weve cheated nature, become corrupted, and kill purely for pleasure and sport. Trillions of animals die each year because of humans. 14 of the 15 leading of causes of death are linked to animal products. At our current rate the oceans will be fishless by 2045. Veganism is essential to our survival otherwise mother earth will remove us.

    3. 426 09 wtf lmao its called evolution and yes we are the top of the food chain making us apex predators by default second more mother nature cant remove us because at our current state we could terriform the world as we see fit . U miss the fact that we loose a species every 34 hours on average is it right nope not at all but you and everyone else trying to raise awareness are simply wasting time and energy man kind is self destructive and me you or anyone else for that matter wont change that in time to save any of these endangered species soooo ya its sad but true. ……. but why swim with a natural predator it dont make sence their not dogs its a freakin 1 ton killing machine i just dont get it

    4. Actually it’s mosquitoes if you are talking about which animal is responsible for the most deaths on the planet each year but don’t let the facts get in the way of your awesome story….

  10. watched a gw at 70ft down circle my mate twice having a good look, swam oway, turned arround and came back, arched its back, dropped its pectoral finns rolled its eyes white and opened its mouth just before trying to bite him. he nailed it with a spear gun in the face and it took off. their numbers have been miss managed in Australia, they view us as either a threat or a food source. animals of all kinds learn and teach one another what is a threat. we stopped being one when they were 100% protected. GW’s i mean. but go play with our tiger sharks and bull sharks as well. we literally do get people taken from beaches by GW sharks here in Australia, and those are the ones we know of, not the ones who have just disappeared. good luck you guys. the odds are stacking up against you though..

    1. +42 jade anyway, all that aside… weird that you are unable to challenge a persons viewpoint without attemting to remotely psychoanalise them because your feelings are hurt for a shark. so. no. wont be breeding you will be relived to know.. humans numbers are clearly out of controll, and with overt narcocists like me getting arround who want more anyway rite?! (note; i still haven’t attacked you on a personal level, simply trying to lure you into a false sense of security to gain your trust in order to eventually, maybe even a year or two, get closer to you so i can punish you for your slight against me….) thats who i am rite? a mentally ill psychopath with no empathy?
      seriously, engage with people in a respectful manner and you may even change peoples view points and save a god dam shark. looser.

  11. Beautiful girl, great cause, but waste of time. Getting a bunch of hippie eco-tourists to swim with sharks and buy pretty pictures will not stop Japan, nor China, from over-fishing, over-polluting, and over-hunting in ocean waters.
    I hope she will manage to make an impact.

    1. Too bad you’re either too bigoted or ignorant, the shark species featured here aren’t overfished by Asians. How about Western overfishing and overpollution?

    2. Teo P maybe stop blaming other countries and do what you can do to help here. teach by example, not make excuses.

    3. Shane Berry so have americans. stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility. teach by example, not excuse.

    4. 42 jade yeah americans kill sharks and other fishes but not as bad as other countries such as asians countries, he is not hating the people, he is hating the things that they do and i completely agree with him.

  12. Just a warning. Most comments I’ve read are made by people with no ocean experience whatsoever—obviously. As a result, they have naïve, emotionally-charged opinions. As a marine biologist, Ocean Ramsey is on another level from her detractors.

    If we’re going to have a discussion on killing machines, let’s examine human behavior first. Between 5-9 deaths a year from shark attack are reported worldwide. 2 million Iraqis and Afganis died in just a few years of American’s killing machine. 40,000 Libyans died in the first 2 weeks of the Clinton-Sarkosy-NATO War. 40 million people died from Stalin’s homeland purge.

    1. Yea till one of the sharks takes her leg off then she will come down a level.

    2. Fact is….. If she keeps doing this there „Will“ come the day we learn of her death as a result.
      Oh and yeah….. As an ex-professional fishermen of many years and surfer. I know what I’m talking about.

  13. Sounds to me like she’s had a lucky run so far. Its only a matter of time before it goes horribly wrong. Like those people who think they have an affinity with bears and crocs until they turn on them.

    1. Just because you wouldn’t be able to do it,since you have no knowledge control and common sense doesn’t mean Others can’t do it.You got lucky u are on the internet where every fool is a God…

    2. FenechGeish Fox, so Steve Irwin didn’t have any knowledge or experience? The fact you think you can “control’ nature just exposes not only your own god complex and utter arrogance but your ignorance. This woman is at the MERCY of these sharks, should they FOR ANY REASON decide to attack there is no amount of “knowledge” or “control” that will save her.

  14. Studies sharks and their behaviour for years, has a ton of successful dives documented. Internet troll: „her luck will run-out“… It’s not about luck, she’s an experienced marine biologist and diver. Can she get bitten? Definitely. But calling years of careful research and experience „luck“ is pretty ludicrous.

    1. swimming around and posting her butt on youtube with sharks for views doesn’t mean anything. The statistics are against her some 3500(a substantial number are in colder non-tropical waters aswell) Great whites attack dozens of people each year in an unprovoked fashion. Luck is the only reason why she’s still alive, sooner or later a shark will take a her leg off and her vast 2 years of experience will not be able to save her.

    2. Paulo Vidigal you got to remember the steve Irwin bullshit will sway peoples mind.steve irwin was a character played by a ACTOR,the character is dead but the actor isnt.

    3. Come swim around Guadalupe island …..well go from there

  15. Great.. At least 5 people are going to watch this, and go try to pet a great white shark and get their arms torn off because they misunderstood the video.

    1. Take out the creepy jaws music and add in some soft children music and skimming through this video makes me want to buy a pet great white shark. Im doing it…

    2. Five? I think you’re alone on this one Buddy. Maybe 1.3% but that is still just you.

    3. Ahsoka Tano its called sarcasm, no i would not want a pet shark lol, i was referring to the people who buy wild animals like tigers, lions and bears as pets. NOT a good idea

    4. Zo Ll
      I thought that initial comment was pretty funny, go pet a shark, have fun, go wild ,then come back and type with your remaining limbs, discuss eye opening experience, wow sharks are the most predatorial animal on earth, who could of known

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