Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 137.



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  1. I’m glad it’s the future and we can catch people on film getting hit in the nuts almost every time.

    1. There’s no faster way to ensure you make your train on time

    1. xXchristianXx244 tbh i would of let him die and go to jail xD he deserves it

  2. 07:25 i feel like this is more of a suicide attempt than it is a fail, jesus christ

  3. Is it even possible to jump from a trampoline into a pool? I’ve never seen anyone succeed

    1. SteveM No it’s actually impossible, Newton actually discovered this it’s called Newtons third law of trampoline/pool dynamics.

    2. Yep, one trip to A&E later, I can confirm this to be the case

      *forgot to press record

    3. I’m pretty sure it is possible. The problem is that it’s hard to suddenly move forwards on a trampoline, especially away from the centre. Best bet is to start at the opposite side from the pool and do it in a few bounces. People remember to build up height, but never speed.
      And funnily enough, it pretty much is Newton’s 3rd law that’s to blame!

    4. It’s interesting, as you see plenty of videos where they use this tactic without the pool, and end up getting stuck/going through the netting.

    1. Julian Westerveld what was „random“ about it, kid? Was it also „ironic“? „Woke“? „Lit“?

  4. Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    00:06 Scott Reinwand & Trey Warner – Ground And Pound (Full Mix)
    01:44 C.E.O. The Chief – Hands In The Air
    02:07 Tom Lang – Sweet Flashlight (Full Mix)
    02:29 Pantera – Planet Caravan
    02:46 Ne-Yo – Beautiful Monster
    03:05 Tom Lang – Smiley (Full Mix)
    03:31 Selecta – Let That Groove In
    05:29 Stuart Barry Maxfield – Beauty Is A Pain (Full Mix)
    05:37 Hubert Vogler – Bouncy (Full Mix)
    06:11 Денис Майданов – 36,6
    07:12 Daniel Joshua Holyoak – Step It Up (Full Mix)
    07:33 Richard Durand Feat. Hadley – Run To You (Orjan Nilsen Trance Mix)
    09:12 C.E.O. The Chief – Just Now

    1. Bj Dominguez I think you don’t understand what’s happening here lol

    1. I’m sure there’s someone who commands them to go down on the right time

    2. Did you notice how three or four people were hit by the exact same gate? Lol

  5. 8:58 people just don’t care if they die or not. Just want to make a insta gram story bout it

    1. Lakshya arora should’ve just let gay dumbass get ran over LMAO

    1. I’m the type to say leave them there to get hit or throw their phone away, but I would have done the same and moved them… cause I’m a hypocrite…

    1. that was the sound of a tool chest .. crashing down the stairs

  6. If it was okay to be bald, womens would do it to…

  7. YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX sagt:

    5:13 OMG! Great Dane opening gate!!

    Obviously that’s a human traped in a dogs body!!

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