Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 141.

Wie Du in 6 Monaten aus dem Karriere-Hamsterrad rauskommst“ – Erfahre hier mehr!



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    1. RG2 Highlights it’s over by comment awards v68

    2. Kasey The smol bean sinner
      N O P E its G R A H A M T H E C H R I S T I A N

  1. NET Alliance - Star Wars Fun sagt:

    The audio gets disconnected in the end. It makes a lot of these sound scary. Ha

    1. Felix Sturm Dogs vs. Stairs and the first things shown are cats and a ladder. Not impressed.

    2. Idiots behind this channel have always done stupid s*** like that

  2. сорри что не в тему,но самый конченный стример @bratishkinoff

  3. Why did they even scream at 1:20 ? I just dont see why they just started screaming after he pooked the corner with a stick

    1. Potatolumoc one that was invisible i guess hahahah or nano small

    2. Nightcore over 9000 i dont know how they even could suck a spider unless it is peter parker AKA SPIDERMAN

    3. 3 weeks but they were checking for snakes in the walls and well there was definitely a snake in that wall

  4. Dogs vs. Stairs and the first things shown are cats and a ladder. Not impressed.

  5. so you guys dont bother checking things like if the audio matches the video, considering how popular this channel is it might be worth watching them before uploading.

  6. Hey guys, sorry about the audio within Tarzan Fails! We all fail sometimes.

    1. FailArmy fails compilation… That would be like Inception, and would be too deep to be funny.

    2. Yeah I suppose after uploading the same clips for the 20th time mistakes are bound to happen.

  7. @7:55 feels so much more disturbing with the audio delay LOOL

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