Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 142.

„Sie können Schufa-Einträge SOFORT löschen,wenn Sie richtig vorgehen!“ – Erfahre hier mehr!



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  1. I was expecting just another SUKA BLYAT compilation, I’m actually surprised.

    1. Do I really need to comment this again? Cyka is using the *cyrillic alphabet* while Suka is using the *latin alphabet* (translit), both are correct, geez.

    2. No, FailArmy would pointlessly bleep every occurrence of blyat.

    1. RyanGamer1317-Minecraft y otros juegos! sagt:

      CyclopsMonkee Its an out

      1 car= 1 strike

  2. When you’re driving and can’t stop asking yourself, ‚what the hell are they doing?‘ #ThisComp lol

    1. It was my Land Rover that was hit… Like the16 million views…. Proper Job!

    2. FailArmy seeerrryteewqwtrtygrjsutdurdusursursurersrueureudureursurdrueitr

    1. Certified Gamer she doesn’t even bother look both ways to see if there’s a car coming.

  3. “Crazy drivers”

    Guy falls in water from a boat

  4. Did these people win their licenses from a cereal box?

    1. Cptn. Wolfe according to my intellectual calculations…sadly…yes

  5. 2:20 this car came out oh fucking nowhere like teleportation

    1. lsๅคือใคร หรืolป็นอะไรกันแน่ sagt:


  6. 2:17 to 2:19 – yet another car teleportation?

    1. In honk it jut pulled out- see the road just after the entrance?

    2. You would probably be the person trying to turn left

    3. Brian Fordhamm yeah it seemed to be,but I watched in slow motion ,it isn’t

    1. bulls fan needs a good 9mm in the head. See, I know metric too, do I get a cookie?

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