Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 148.

„Sie können Schufa-Einträge SOFORT löschen,wenn Sie richtig vorgehen!“ – Erfahre hier mehr!



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    1. так я смотрю тут есть люди то из ЕКБ)) Узнают своих героев)))

    2. Я понимаю москвичи снега не видят, но сибиряки. Етить-кудрить

    1. Heloderma, пхпхпхпх, как ты понял, что он из России?

    2. Еще один долбоёб, много ли ты Англоговорящих с Именем Фамилией „Андрей Миронов“ видел? Я вот ни одного.

    3. Heloderma я твой комментарий лайкнул!

  1. Schifoan is‘ des Leiwandste, wos ma si nur vurstöll’n ko…

    1. Happy Birthday Erre
      I am late but Happy birthday bro I wish life so long …….
      reply me

    2. Rishi Vimal thank you very much bro! I wish you the same 🙂

  2. I had sausages and bacon today…. Just thought someone more like to know

    1. David Mills Ah, very interesting, thank you for sharing. I myself had toast this morning.

    1. It’s 5C and raining in Toronto. I’m not complaining, but… Canada plz learn to seasons.

    2. in bc its only -0 when last year it was -25 so ya Canada forgot to season

    3. all in one yup. But in Brandon,Manitoba we don’t have snow days

  3. The Moose and the dog pushing cats face in snow were the best ones

  4. 1:25 “that was the first time I have ever touched a live moose”
    Moose: you will not live to tell the tale

  5. Great Video but the clip with the horses wasnt funny at all

    1. They’re trained for that (walking on ice) and are typically outside breed so are used to any type of cold weather. Yes they’ll be cold but Icelandic horses have thick winter fur and are used to the cold. The place where that was filmed is called „The Pond“ and it’s a large shallow frozen lake in the center of Reykjavik. I know this cause I live here, that the lake is only about waist height at its deepest part. When the ice is thick enough the horses demonstrate their particular walk the „ice tölt“. No one was harmed, and as I said the icelandic horse is the only horse allowed in Iceland and is specially adapted to the weather we have here. It’s the riders you should be worried about as that is bloody cold!

    2. Katzl well i dont know mich about such horses i was just a little bit shocked when i saw this thanks for the explanation dude ^^

    1. Nortic111 This might be the reason why some people just throw the packages

  6. 1:20 ok im gonna smell you but changing my mind im going kill you ok you run im gonna lick your car

    1. tubiak1 i betb ur someone that says:omg that bag beautiful ohhhhhh omg my friends have it dont omggggg

    1. we don’t have snow days in finland. we have snowHELL, which is on right now. but i dunno, eat?

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