Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 152.

DER SCHULDEN-K.o. – Gläubiger zittern – Schuldner lachen! – Erfahre hier mehr!



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    1. Ima have to know where u got ur profile pic for……..reasons

  1. FailArmy, you should do best laughs, were it isnt any fails, just the funniest laughs after a fail.

    1. @Nick Wompton yeah! then after we can have a sleep-over and eat ice cream! Faaaaaag!!!

    2. Nick Wompton they do it’s called laughing cameraman

    1. leo brownsdon – You’re just upset because you fell for it.

    1. AWResistance That’s not fair. If someone else on another video pointed out an attractive girl’s butt or boobs would you say the same thing to them?

    2. @Silver wolf, Life isn’t fair, i don’t make the rules.

    1. Its been at least 5 times I saw this now. And it’s not even funny.

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