Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 155.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU



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    1. Wedding,. Doesn’t have to be big and fancy to be a wedding! I remember when my parents got married. I was about eight and a couple my neighborhood friends came. About six people at our house. (Seven including the priest)

    2. It’s a wedding. A family tragedy is mentioned during the speech, thats why they cry and look to the ground.

    1. Wilku I thought she was going to get off if the bench and make him fall XD

    1. Hahaha! It’s funny because i’m alone too! :’D

    1. How did you know he dropped the rings? You can’t see anything at all. Probably just a made-up fail video.

    2. Márton Szigeti watch the space below them carefully from 1:36-1:38, you can see the ring fall

    1. So many of these „Fails“ are staged. just wish fail army could see that and give us something good instead ;-;

    2. She wasn’t wearing seat belts – totally deserved

  1. Um why the hell are they getting married in a big spider web thing over a freaking canyon, hell no

    1. Nat R And why are there random people hanging under the giant web? Like wtf

    2. Yeah, right up until the guy drops the wedding ring.

    1. ohaha havent heard that one in…ten minutes? For the last 3 years?
      But no keep it coming, totally original!

  2. I can totally relate to all of them. Yeah. Totally. (Btw, what’s a relationship?)

    1. Kap Kap and have a pocket of money….shallow society

    2. Kap Kap Relationships could be family and friends too ya know

    3. György Mohl it’s when you’re related to someone (family,friends,someone you love)
      Goddamn people. It doesn’t have to be ugly like that….love still exist in our „horrible society“.

    1. Yeah. I wish I could do that here.
      It’s Funny though

  3. Wedding fails are the most painful…psychologically and emotionally xD

    1. Wedding fails are some of our favorites though… Probably for those reasons haha!

    2. your own personal existential crisis sagt:

      4:51 look at the gray hooded dude trying get a peek, what a perv.

  4. I feel like these are good reasons people are single..

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