Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera

Pannen und Unfälle auf Kamera 158.

Wie Du in 6 Monaten aus dem Karriere-Hamsterrad rauskommst“ – Erfahre hier mehr!


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    1. Никол Димитрова are you an idiot? They were talking about the first video, dumbfuck

    1. I can’t remember the last time i laughed at one of their videos before this one

    2. Santhosh Kumar I laughed so hard when the lizard took a piss….HAHAHAH!

    3. Santhosh Kumar there’s got to be two people that do it. And one sucks.

    1. Rafael Rezende Not on my christian channel they’re not!!

    2. The bible doesn’t say anything about „mammals“ – so it could be either way, the bible is neutral.

    1. no you must respect nature if you are to live on this planet, if not then die worthless hating destructive planet killing monsters, id rather see you fucks die then a innocent lizard that has done nothing wrong, so help save the planet and KYS

  1. 3:26 „Come to Australia“, they said. „It will be fun“, they said. /s

    1. POLARTTYRTM pretty sure it’s not Australia coz who the dark has an attic in Australia

    2. You surely don’t know this „they said“ meme, it’s been around for ages.

    3. POLARTTYRTM really didn’t know that thanks for telling me

    4. NotEvenTriggered I think he was trying to make the joke that an American was visiting Australia and saw this where they stayed, but… don’t think it’s Australia haha, I see where he’s coming from though.

    1. because humans are pussys and think there scary, but in reality humans are the scariest real threat i’ve ever come across

    2. Cuz theese motherfuckers are ruling the world and brainwashes people thats why we dont love them

    1. I have a fire skink from Africa and it’s difficult just for a little lizard but I love it more than my dog or cats

    2. Excuse me but people who want reptiles as pets are more human then you warm blooded haters

  2. I don’t want to be mean , but I don’t even laugh.

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