Crashed Car Channel


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  1. Wenn irgendjemand mein Auto anfassen würde (Spiegel abtreten etc.) Und dieser keine Waffe dabei hätte, dann würde ich aussteigen und dem so dermaßen aufs Mail geben. xD Bei dem bei 5:30 würde ich einfach die Tür von dem abfahren. Dann ist des Selbstverteidigung und basta.

  2. great video, just don’t understand why people don’t have certain items to protect themselves, pepperspray or a button.

    1. Crashed Car Channel ,don’t want to start a debate but if a person comes at you with a weapon or to harm you ,you should be able to defend with any means posable ,law abiding that is.. the guy in the pajero who tore off the windscreen wiper would have got pepper sprayed

    2. +gary gien the moment he went and grabbed something from the truck he would have been looking down the barrel of my pistol. I’ve done it before and that was that.

    3. The Mass Debator and that’s how it should be .some people are like a dog behind a fence ,they bark and bark until they get to the open gate,

    4. That’s why sometimes it’s not good to start fights. You don’t know if that person is good at fight, if they have a gun, or anything that they can use to protect themselves.

    1. Tyler Martin finally somethig educansnajnbx

  3. There’s no instant karma for most of these. So ungratifying

    1. p;osdgfrlkj dsf It’s not satisfying to watch any of these because the bad people don’t get something else done bad to them that they deserve.

  4. seeing this makes me want to kill all thoose agressive ppl
    the roads in america are worst than the roads in germany before 1933 !

    1. Chris you don’t just shoot people in public. And no law abiding non redneck is going to wave his gun around

    2. kimmy101 I don’t just wave a gun around. They are used for protection purposes only, but come at me with my family in the car like some of these guys and you will have an issue. I understand that accidents happen but the way these guys handled it was all wrong.

  5. Today we see peter griffin getting beat down by a black person at a shady gas station, now lets continue to family guy

    1. Tino Trivino Did you mean to say psycho? Haha well what do you expect from a big country? There has to be some bad people in it.

  6. I hate those biker gangs who think they are some sort of mafia-police and start harassing people just cuz they don’t like the way they drive. Those piece of trashes should be ran over, 2 thumbs and 2 toes up for the car drivers who fucking run those piece of shits over.

    1. The Sethioz Project ………you sir……are an idiot…….

  7. It’s one thing when you see the same clip on another channel, but you guys put the same clips in different videos and sometimes even the same clip multiple times in one video

  8. So many angry people begging to have their doors taken off!

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