Petra: Lost City of Stone | BBC Documentary

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  1. I thought this video was supposed to be about Petra????????

  2. Not BBC, not Petra, TOTAL RUBISH ! (History = Hearst Corporation + Disney-ABC TV Group)

  3. content doesn’t match title, it’s about templars, good but not what i had searched

  4. This guy is crazy. Christ was NOT crucified on the temple mount. The temple was there then. It was illegal to execute or bury anyone within the city walls at that time. Christ was crucified at a place called Gal Gotha or place of skulls.

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  6. Nice documentary. But I have some trouble with it. Would you please make me clear.
    1. The history of Makka or Kaba started from the coeval of prophet Ibraham(pbuh). Not the contemporaneous of prophet Muhammad(pbuh).
    2. The name of Black Stone mentioned here more than 4/5 times. But it is absolutely absent in holy Quran. Further more the stone named „Makame Ibrahim“ is there in Quran. But not mention here for a single time.
    3. The holy well ZAMZAM replaced here by a cascade. Its totally not reliable.
    4.There is Mikat(ehram mosque) beside each and every road towards Makka at a certain distance. Dan Gibson don’t know that.
    5. Place related with Hazz, such as Mina,Mujdalifa,Arafat etc. are totally absent in petra. The main part of Hazz is staying at Arafat on specific date, 9th zilhaz, with ehram.
    6. Abdullah, father of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) went to his first wife after coming from cultivation, but she refused. Because he didn’t take bath….. Such a stupid story how can be created?
    7. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) run beside the cascade in between Safa and Marowa. Never ever heard.
    8. The distance between petra to Madina is near about 43 days at that time. Prophet did hizrat such a long distance. History never ever support it.

  7. Petra is the capital of the first Arab empire in history

  8. I like how much Bloodshed happened in the name of their Loving, caring, All powerful God that can’t seem to stop, or change anything. As I type there’s inoccent babies dying of cancer. I’ll never put my trust in an invisible murderer, who lives in the sky. Now go kill for your false God’s. Bathe in the blood you mental patients.

  9. Thanks for all the heads up comments! I wanted to learn about Petra. I even hesitated bc it is a BBC Doc.

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