Red Bull

REPLAY Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul, Minnesota 2018

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    1. A1 well if you’re under 16-21 u have to show them a vid of your skating skills, and if they accept you will do the Juniors competition, 1st is shoutouts, elimination round, ro64 ect.if your over 21 u have to join the riders cup competition, if u get enough points u can join the main ex: this race,

    2. I think you can also sign up for the riders cup if a parent signs if you’re under 16. You can get practice by going to an open skate at Joe Schaffer’s place.

  1. Does anybody notice that girl at the starting area always smiling the whole time

    1. lefthandedpolack and did you see the race where he was *COCKY*

  2. was it 9mins 53sec? I have it at 10:00 for me, and she looks like she knows what she’s doing

  3. Every Olympics that goes by, I am shocked that this is not added. I feel like it’s a perfect fit.

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