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Replay – Skate finals at Simple Session 2018 | Tallinn, Estonia

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    1. Jesse Baart Why’s that? Maybe if you used your brain you’d realise that they are using roller blades for better and a lot steadier filming.

    1. Just seemed like Zion was more exciting to watch. Amplitude should count for something

    2. Its kinda hard to compare apples to oranges, especially with skating where most people have differing opinions of a „high score“. Rail skating / transition kind of like apples and oranges.

  2. So hot I’ll take my shirt off but better keep my snow beanie on …. come on jagger stop it

  3. Oh my gosh the camera men are on rollerblades… laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  4. A GUY with blue polo shirt.. too much angry..he’s a slow but blaming crew

  5. Weird, no one i know of from previous years!
    Well, apart from that silly blue pants dude.
    Is this, really, the crème de la crème? The best the world has to offer?

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