Red Bull

Running late in Buenos Aires.

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  1. First!!! Thank you Red Bull for the huge opportunity!! I had so much fun flipping Buenos Aires! Friends out there, I know I could have just run, but this wouldn’t be as fun right? 😀 Backflips are fun though, flipping is fun. Always try to have fun and enjoy life the way you want to. Find what you want to do in your life and make your dreams come true, the journey will be hard, but so much fun and that’s the most important reward 😉 Peace


  2. jajajaj! muy bueno lo que hace Dimitris! y muy loca la ciudad de Buenos Aires, que buena onda haber sido parte de esto!

  3. I like dk’s freerunning, but why has every red bull parkour video this strange chase story? There are so many more possibilities!

  4. Это самый тупорылый паркур который я когда либо видел.

  5. Love the red bull channel but this is over-produced…a bit corny too

  6. If he can reach the Obelisco from Nuñez in 10 minutes by foot, he must be a god or something

  7. hey redbull make another freerunning video with Jason Paul!

  8. Y después de todo ese recorrido llego a La Boca y lo apuñalaron 8 veces.

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