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    1. yea I have checked out other channels, but I think they reupload your clips because I see the clips here first, so thank you for being first to deliver good clips.

    2. Thank you my friend. I try, but it’s hard to find an get permission to upload videos as soon as possible.+ the old job

    3. Crashed Car Channel no, thank you for the hard work you put in to make these videos. my wife and I look forward to watching them.

    1. ? I thought it was gonna be about Toyotas. Then I started watching and noticed they’re all mostly in Russia, which made me completely forget that this was Toyota cars compilation and was thinking that it’s just a regular Russian sooka-blyat compilation while reaching the end of the compilation… until I read your post.

  1. 4:02 LOL at the drive-thru clothing store. Those exist now? You probably don’t have to try the clothes on to see if they fit or anything. Nice! No more wasting time at the clothing store. =D

  2. I love these videos. They prove that no matter what religion, race, gender, or ethnic group you belong to, all Prius drivers suck.

  3. At 6:25 we see the same white Toyota Venza that earlier was parking and hitting a grey car beside it

  4. I love and hate these videos. it pisses me off I want to beat the retards causing these accidents it’s just stupudity. But I love them at the same time, glad it’s not just here in America that we experience the crazy drivers!!!

  5. I’m glad this wasn’t all supras because I don’t think my soul could handle seeing that many supras crash or almost crash

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  7. At 7:45, that’s not a Toyota, that’s a VW Rabbit.

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