Lindsey Stirling

Silent Night – Lindsey Stirling

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This song is made up of 3 violin parts and three vocal tracks. I did the vocals and the violin myself.


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  1. I’d die of happiness if you made a Christmas album!

    1. Kuroii Samuruuku here is a christmas album warmer in the winter 😀

    2. She made a Christmas album! Also, don’t die, you’re precious.

    3. Hoping you are alive and happy since she released her Christmas album this year.

    1. +Neidinha Conrado estava  #euzinha  ando pelo you tube kkkkkk voltando encontro vc a minha menina que saudades !! vc ta acordada ….. 

    1. +Ramo K Btw just so you know the ‚x‘ in xmas is the first greek letter in the ancient greek word for christ so it’s not anti-religious 🙂

    2. J ulien i is the first letter isous christos x means unknown

    1. Any Christmas song would be good like jingle bell rock…

    2. When you put out a Christmas album I will definitely buy a copy… do you have any tours planned for next year?

    1. And I live in Denmark. Odense, Denmark. Just thought I would mention it :p

    2. I have lots a students who came from Europe to the PH. Mostly in my school 

    3. Merry Christmas! Oh wait to soon (even if i’m 3 years later)

    4. or three years early for this year’s Christmas. Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. A question…how is that place conveniently empty at the beginning??? :0 *mindblown*

    1. +Dinh Quoc Nguyen she’s doing so much for us 😀 love you Lindsey ♡♡♡

  3. I think many people need this music through whole year – not only in Christmas time !

  4. Why can’t I find your Christmas songs on iTunes? Did you not release them yet?

    1. Lindsey’s „Celtic Carol“, which is a montage of Christmas themes, is available on iTunes.  You can check out the video here on Youtube.

    2. Probably some anti-Christian policy by anti-American Apple who makes everything in China and has the High Priest of Satanic Climate Change Religion (Al Gore) on its board.

  5. I love your vocals. It is hard enough to dance and play in a concert without the vocals, however. 🙂

    1. +Jasmine Thanks, but I’m already writing an epic fantasy novel and a series of gothic-horror/dark fantasy short stories, so my writing’s a little booked (no pun intended) right now.

    2. +XPsilocybinDream i cried while watching the battle of five armies, little boy, and song of the sea, its not weird at all.

    3. Pretty weird, except at a death, funeral, etc.

  6. 1:27
    dat mormon temple doe
    its actually really pretty

    1. The Catholic Teen where is that temple?

    2. Eric Naylor Ikr it’s so beautiful if you go on a December evening with all the lights and the gorgeous temple.

    3. That was not the roman Catholic temple, that was the main temple of the Mormon church centered in down town salt lake where I grew up and it was a yearly tradition for my family to go see those lights every year, sad in a way that will never be again but happy with where I am because I have a man who loves me and is sticking by me even when my body is breaking down.

  7. This is so beautiful. Especially the scenes in Temple Square with the decorations. I love to visit there at Christmas time.

  8. Almost Christmas again yay!! Lindsey will you go to the slc temple with me 😉

  9. Thank’s a lot for the love you’re giving through your music !

  10. It’s sad: I’ve tried to press „like“ button, and then I realized, that I did it already.

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