Red Bull

Skating a hidden island in the Indian Ocean | The Lost Continent (Chapter 1)

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  1. Disrespectful skaters like this will get a hiding in our city. Come on over to Otautahi boys

    1. Same way they hide area 51. Edit google earth. This is a new civilization, never before seen by outsiders haha. Looks pretty modern for being secret

  2. where I’m from, that kind of behavior can get you impaled.

    1. Or shot in the head, who do this low life idiots think they are?

    2. +DEUS VULT don’t go preaching respect with an ice poseidon avatar.

  3. Superb a salute to red bull for supperting and encouraging.sports and making their life

  4. Redbull poison drinks is gonna get sued for risking people’s lives all over the planet just for profit. THat bus almost nailed that fool.

    1. Recklessbliss Characternotcolor I hope that bus nails you as well

  5. I have to pass by the place where they are skating at 0:15 everyday to go to work, and somehow everytime, I thought that there must be someone who’s gonna skate down those stairs because of that wavy form! Haha. So it happens for real then. But that was really dangerous.

  6. this is what happens when dumbass skaters are allowed to title the productions. ‚hidden Island ‚lost continent‘

  7. Being a skater doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, learn to be more respectful.

  8. Moving people’s cars and skating into traffic, not a good look for RedBull…

  9. That‘s so stupid.. When I was one of the car drivers and one of the skaters crashes into my car, i would go outside and give him a punch with his damn skateboard..

  10. Shame nobody shot them while moving that Polo, stop touching other peoples property.

  11. come on RedBull this is what your name is attached to. This behavior is uncalled for.

  12. What would happen if the skaters had actually gotten themselves run over by one of those drivers out in the main roadway? I mean, if they were filming all of it, it would prove that it was entirely the fault of the skaters, no? It’s a fun video to watch, but, yeah, the other commenters here mentioning the arrogance of everyone are pretty on point.

    1. Those are the consequences of skating. They accepted it, they don’t care if anyone dislikes it. They’re having fun and if they break something or something worse, they’ll get over with it and skate as fast as possible.

  13. Praise Patrik Wallner…

    Also interesting to read all the non-skaters‘ disapproval in the comments

  14. This sponsorship from Red Bull. ? These guys should paddle at Reunion. Sharks don’t have brakes.

  15. why all u guys hating, its just the nature of the sport if u don’t like it then oh well. If u skated u would understand the way we see the world.

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