Lindsey Stirling

Star Wars Medley – Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens #geekweek

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  1. That ending scene is basically me whenever I am home alone.

  2. I like in the start when Lindsey and Peter just like „throwing“ themselves on that chilling dog on the couch. 0:09

    1. +Johan Windelstrand – I think The Force Awakened „both“ of the dogs.
      The dog in Lindsey’s arms got a JarJar too. ;D … **Binks!**

    2. Rip dog we Miss u m8 1 like 1 prayer :((( !111

    3. I like when his head pops out and it’s like he’s saying „excuse me“ and „save me“ at the same time XD

  3. I find the use of a VHS hilarious. and the ending was wonderful.

  4. That guy, Peter Hullens, can actually pull off a young obiwan look very well.

  5. I think Lindsey and Peter just wanted an excuse to cosplay star wars characters

  6. I just now realized how much Peter looks like a mix of obi wan and qui gon

    1. Secret love child of Qui Gon and Obi Wan *dun dun duuuh*

    1. Christy Chacko, yes, but I bet she couldn’t play the actual violin parts. Without a fan base, she’d matter very little to anyone at all.

    1. Lol ikr? I willllllllllllllllllll learn how to play dis somedayyyyyyyy 😛

    2. This almost motivated me to blow of Alderaan, yet sadly force-choking reguires concentration… :/

    3. Do it!!! Crystallize actually motivated me to start playing violin, and now I’ve been playing for 3 years and I can pretty much play Crystallize and some of her other songs in my sleep. I’ve even been offered to write and record violin parts for a studio that records indie music. I’m not saying this to brag; my point is, don’t ever be afraid to follow your dreams! You never know where it could lead you. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if I never found Lindsey’s music and picked up a violin.

  7. star wars that is the show with spock flying in a blue telephone box right?

    1. No no no it the guy with sword and there can be only one we are the princes of the universe

  8. Lindsey :Before we fight with the bad guys, we fight with the plants.

    1. Delia Piticari I think the plants want to be the bad guys for once

  9. I feel like a TIE fighter pilot. …… Absolutely Blown Away!“ This is hilarious and brilliant stuff. XD

  10. R.I.P Carrier Fisher we will remember you in STAR WARS and in our hearts you made our lives better you and the rest of the STAR WARS crew.

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