Lindsey Stirling

Starships – Lindsey Stirling and Megan Nicole (Nicki Minaj Cover)

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  1. I heard that Nicki Minaj made a bad parody of this.

  2. I don’t care if you guys wanna destroy Earth or not…I love this song and you guys are the cutest alien I’ve ever seen

    1. 4 years is most definitely not „a long time ago“

  3. You’re not going to get a signal with a graphics card lol

    1. Haha looks to me it was a modem too which makes it even funnier than if it was gpu.

  4. Wow you took s…uh something bad and turned it into gold o.o

    1. +randomflashbacks the first time I listened to We found love, I didn’t even know it was a Rhianna song, I just thought it was amazing… then I found the original which was excruciating 

    2. I’m not big on chart stuff
      btw are you from a realm known as tumblr?

    1. Kirbygirl20 same btw lol they coud just go up to mountain

  5. Is it bad when the cover is better than the original?

    1. Justin Green not when it comes to Lindsey Stirling

    2. Justin Green This is way worse than the original…

  6. This is way more better than nicki minaj’s version

    1. I agree with you on that one Lindsay stream does have the ability to make some covers original songs better than the original and this is one of them

    2. @ Otto don’t mean to hurt her feelings but if she was to play her songs normally instead of those weird deep pitch voices I wouldn’t say this is better than the original but that’s her style and it does ruin songs

    1. …No thank you I am busy now… Eating Ice Cream… I’d send some down to ya but you know I don’t want to get it on the controls but I’ll tell ya it is delicious!…..

    1. According to 0:15 they are using an old EISA dial-up modems from mid 90th… It’s…hm… QUITE HARD to get WiFi on it =)

  7. 3 things
    1. This is better than nicki minajs
    2. i want a violin like that! !!
    3. cute eyelashes!

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