Lindsey Stirling

Starships – Lindsey Stirling and Megan Nicole (Nicki Minaj Cover)

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  1. I don’t care if you guys wanna destroy Earth or not…I love this song and you guys are the cutest alien I’ve ever seen

  2. You’re not going to get a signal with a graphics card lol

    1. Haha looks to me it was a modem too which makes it even funnier than if it was gpu.

  3. Wow you took s…uh something bad and turned it into gold o.o

    1. +randomflashbacks the first time I listened to We found love, I didn’t even know it was a Rhianna song, I just thought it was amazing… then I found the original which was excruciating 

    2. I’m not big on chart stuff
      btw are you from a realm known as tumblr?

    1. Kirbygirl20 same btw lol they coud just go up to mountain

  4. This is way more better than nicki minaj’s version

    1. I agree with you on that one Lindsay stream does have the ability to make some covers original songs better than the original and this is one of them

    2. @ Otto don’t mean to hurt her feelings but if she was to play her songs normally instead of those weird deep pitch voices I wouldn’t say this is better than the original but that’s her style and it does ruin songs

    1. …No thank you I am busy now… Eating Ice Cream… I’d send some down to ya but you know I don’t want to get it on the controls but I’ll tell ya it is delicious!…..

    1. According to 0:15 they are using an old EISA dial-up modems from mid 90th… It’s…hm… QUITE HARD to get WiFi on it =)

  5. 3 things
    1. This is better than nicki minajs
    2. i want a violin like that! !!
    3. cute eyelashes!

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