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  1. Oh the real life GTA at 2:10 one is in Kyiv, Ukraine
    A guy with a gun stole a bus and was trying to run away from police

    1. MarsevenX Stole a bus! Would of been better off hyjacking a supermarket trolley.

  2. 8:14 I’d have crushed them between the cars or ran there sorry added over after the car infront moved

    1. richardwayne1990
      If I wouldn’t be sent to prison for attempted murder, I would too..

  3. 7:36 – I suspect this is in England. The citizenry have had their spines removed by the government and the person stopping him from breaking in the car would get in more trouble legally than the person…breaking into the car.

    1. jeebus2121 Seems more like deranged escaped psycho on the loose than a car breaker.

    2. Jeebus….hehe….the name Jeebus. That’s supposed to be insulting or blasphemous. If I were Satan, I would fire the moron with the lackluster imagination who came up with that one.

    3. Probably a word used on sight of a bus half an hour late.

    1. Better question is, Why did the bus driver open the back doors and not stop for her to get off?

    2. mindof poet,
      She was also a pickpocket victim of the woman in the blue jacket!

    3. No, if you skip it frame by frame you can see she was already holding the phone (her own) before she extended her arm.

  4. 5:10 LOL really they put their kid at the back of the car…..WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!

    1. HighVoltGuy Gaming i dont think it was their kid the car’s licence plate was removed. that clip was fucked up and scary

    1. TheFreakdude42 the world doesn’t….just racist Imbeciles. Like you!

  5. Don’t bother to stop at the bus top – I’ll just jump off to save you stopping

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