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  1. @01:12 Woah dude, that’s literally a tank-slapper! WTF happened any details?

  2. Diesen Idioten von Bikers sollte man das Motorrad auf Lebenszeit wegnehmen und verbieten, zu fahren. Die sind eine Schande für die echten Bikers.!!!!!!!!!!

  3. can you plz stop playing WOT and using TS while you make the videos 🙂

  4. where the hell do you find the videos of trashy bikini women pushing cars through mud? Is this some kind of new meme fetish?!?! I MUST KNOW (asking for a friend)!!

    1. Walmartstaff and you are… ?
      From a Youtuber with out any published videos, you sound as a complete moron

  5. It’s interesting how calling someone a dumbass doings the sane around the world.

  6. All these videos sums up motorbikers, ATV’s, and bicyclist here in Arizona.

  7. the last one cracked me up
    like how did he not see that thing

  8. 1:27……..when you don’t realize the bike is 4 wheel drive…….come on ladies….snap out of it.

  9. 5:00….pretty lame bike if it couldn’t out run that POS cop car.

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