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The Annual Summer Tires Lovers Meeting. WINTER DRIVING FAIL COMPILATION

Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

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  1. „The Annual Summer Tires Lovers Meeting“
    I love this title! 🙂

  2. No bs long intros or advertising for other channels just simply good videos! I watch with every upload! Thanks for the enjoyable footage on a long work day. You rock!

    1. Brandan Masterson Glad to head that. Have a great Day.

  3. Three common themes here; techno, yelling in Russian and snow.

  4. Watching these videos are amazing to many people counter steering. If they only knew how to drive, they must have got there license from a bubble gum machine…. lol

    1. HighVoltGuy When you’re playing Forza Motorsport 6 online and somebody is lagging really badly

  5. when I grow up I want to be an owner of a Body Shop in Russia!!

    1. „when I grow up I want to be an owner of a Body Shop in Russia!!“

      Or a tow-truck man…

    1. „you should if you live where it snows. It’s a lot of fun.“

      Maybe, but it doesn’t snow so much around here these days as it used to some years ago. The climate has changed significantly. So far this winter I haven’t shoveled snow even once, and the temperature on my porch hasn’t been lower than 9 degrees below zero.

      Besides, I’m a die-hard (if not fanatic) environmentalist and don’t drive unless I have to. If I owned a car with a petrol engine and/or without rear seats, a trailer hook and/or a large luggage compartment, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to urge myself to drive it. I have two wheelbarrows (both two-wheeled) which use to come in handy if there’s something I can’t or don’t want to carry. That, I’m positive, renders sports/racing cars useless for anything but wasting time, space and money.

    2. Not even close theres a massive difference between the two in snow

  6. I was not surprised that the video clips were from Russia.
    Russian Driving School:
    -„What is your name??“
    – „My name is Vladimir.“
    – „Fortunately, here’s your license.“

    1. „I was not surprised that the video clips were from Russia.“

      At least one was from the USA.

  7. I heard that Russian don’t install winter tires in their car that also big cause of the problem

  8. 1) have good winter tires
    2) keep the speed limit or lower speed if conditions are bad
    3) keep a good distance to the car in front
    4) get to live another day

    1. 5) be very gentle with the accelerator an brake pedals
      6) think and prepare for incoming traffic changes ahead of time
      7) hope that you won’t meet with a driver who doesn’t follow the previous rules

    2. 1) I don’t drive.
      2) I don’t walk near the road in winter
      3) I get to live with my cats >meow<

    3. no one died in these videos, they just got to PAY higher insurance fees now.

  9. how o you know if they are summer or winter tires? oh wait there is no way you can. bullshit title.

    1. cars wont slide like that in snow on snow tires, dude.
      only like 2 clips were actually black ice, the rest were just idiots.

  10. If speed limit is 55 mph, decrease speed to
    40 mph on icy road,
    30 mph for icy road+darkness,
    25 mph for icy road+darkness+blizzard.
    USE winter tires with studs on icy roads.

  11. At 0:23, the driver in the KIA was a jerk for not looking in the rear view, and for coming to a stop with way too much room in front, causing the driver with the camera to run off the road.
    Don’t reserve so much space for yourself!

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