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The carnage continues at Nazaré. | Sessions

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Another bombing swell hits Praia do Norte, providing yet one more historic day for a hearty group of big-wave surfers. Watch it unfold here.


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25 Kommentare

  1. The opening scene here was amazing, what a rush that must have been!

  2. That opening wave, holy hell, no way i’d try that, that sufer must have a big board to float those huge steel balls of his.

    1. that was the great Ross Clarke-Jones, he wiped out later and was concussed when he got to shore and said he was done with Nazare for the rest of the season, and wanted to „go look at castles“ (again concussion!)

  3. You know it’s wild out there when even the skis are getting worked.

  4. João de Macedo paddling out…that’s for sure the biggest wave someone has faced without jetskis. Nossa Senhora da Nazaré!!!

  5. the opening wave shows the gigantic wave of NAZARE!!!! Best water shot in years I’ve seen!!!! GREAT!!! THANK U!!!

  6. Brilliant wonderful sequences – I love those shot from the water nearby .. really give a sense of the huge monumental size of the waves, much more impressive than those shot from the shore

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