The HD HERO2: Almost as Rad as the HERO3

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  1. This motivates me to get more creative with my GoPro. I’m on it.

  2. I had to get on my roof today to take a nice picture of a sunset…thats about as extreme as my life gets. *sigh*

    1. more extreme than loads of people without roofs and gopro though. So cheer up !

    2. Hey guys, I am building a GoPro community channel where all videos can be promoted. So if you want to you can check out my channel and help me with this project. 🙂

  3. Of all the GoPro trailers, this is still their best one by far.

    1. Absolutely. The timing with the music definitely complimented it too. Freaking awesome…he whipped the plane like nothing I’ve ever seen.

    1. water proof smart phones in 2016 as well and better durability phones with water proofing in 2017, your average car now has 700 hp and hover boards now water proof and have a booster pack eqipped in it to, also everyone has a pokedex in the future to now. xD

    2. there must be time machines too becuase it sayd that you posted the comment a month ago

    1. same for me, i had to sell it maybe 2 years ago but that video was the main reason of me buying a GoPro

  4. Quand tu looke une vidéo comme ça tu te dis, putain j’ai vraiment une vie de merde !

    1. +Hafid Madi

      C’est à peu prés ce que je me dis en ce moment ^^

  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing as all of you 1 year ago, that I need to do something with my life.

    Now, one year later, I have a video on my channel of me jet skiing with crocodiles, surfing with sharks and swimming with whale sharks! Check it out if you’re interested! 🙂

  6. Why I’m watching this video at least once a week???? What kind of drug is this???

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